After stairs: Prussian must pause longer

Upon completion of all investigations, the treating doctors issued a ten-day prohibition ban on the left ankle. After that, then a successive increase in load should be possible again, it said.

Therefore, Press, which was the third of the entire World Cup last year, and in addition Denise Herrmann as medal hopping at the Olympics in Beijing in February, the first World Cup of the New Year from 6 to 9 January in Oberon is still missing. Also, for the races in front of the private door in Upholding from 12 to 16 January, it should be narrow — and then only Atwood for the last fine grinding before departure after Beijing (5 to 20 February).

Prussian was slipped in the previous week at the World Cup in the French Le Grand Born and on a staircase and kinked with the left ankle joint. She had to leave without use.

Long COVID Treatment, Symptoms, and Recovery (Long Haulers)

How urgently need the German biathlete Prussian in top form, showed after their failure at the World Cup in France. Top placement without the frontwoman? Missing!


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