Departure Ass Thomas Dresses writes Olympia

Dresses will not be able to go to the World Cup in the coming weeks because of the consequences of his knee surgery in the past spring and therefore miss the Olympics 2022 in Beijing (4th to 20th February). Wen gen, the races on the Matterhorn on the second weekend in January, has done, let them know. And because he does not drive there, I'm not driving Kitzbühel either. It would be for his knee, which he builds up to build again, the wrong place, he said. And so Olympia has also done, there is no sense that I think about Olympia.

After the World Cup last February in Corina d'Mezzo, Trees had undergone an intervention on the pre-prehistoric right knee. The 28-year-old free cartilage pieces were removed and the cartilage smoothed. Since then, it has been trying to rebuild his already caponized joint so that he can ski professionally again. The always positive dressings had never given up his hopes for an Olympic participation in rehabilitation in recent months — though the doctors and therapists have told him again and again that it becomes difficult. But he had to see that differently: I need a goal, somewhere.

Why You Never Mess With A Guard Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier... (BIG MISTAKE) Now Olympia has fallen out of reach, the whole blood skier Dressed must set a new destination. He does not want to write off the season yet, the races in the Norwegian Kvitfjell on the first March weekend, he now summarizes as a possible comeback appointment. Not excluded be his start where he triumphed in March 2018 in the departure. After all, he sets Lapidary, he now has time to make a beautiful preparation — on the coming winter.


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