German Rodler Hole and Eitberger Corona

In both, the tests have already been positive after the past World Cup weekend in Saxon Gutenberg. Hole and Feinberger thus fall out for the upcoming World Cup in Innsbruck. The team members who had close contact with the two, are housed in a separate hotel in Innsbruck and will only be very limited to the regulations and keep the greatest possible distance, it said in the explanation of the BSD.

Remain positive, become negative

Feinberger shared on her social channels, it would be appropriate to the circumstances correspondingly well, even if there is nothing to do not bleed in this situation, and I'm deeply hit. Hole, as well as Eisenberg in domestic quarantine, also commented on Instagram to the test result: Sledge in the corner, remain positive, negative, wrote the 32-year-old and also found something positive at the isolation: I will spend the Christmastime with my family for the first time in my life.


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