Muscle Protection Top, Crocodile Bottom: Darts World Cup in the Sign of Price

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With the prerequisite, Berwyn Price does not know any limits. The muscle-packed Welsh has already arrived at the top, but that's not Price. Give me more two or three years more, then I will be much more dominant, even if I am already world champion and ranking knitters, said Price, who came to the Darts' disc as a newcomer from the rugby and at the beginning of the World Cup This Wednesday (20.00 pm / Sport1 and DAZN) as a pot favorite to prize money of 500 000 pounds (about 585 000 euros) and the 25 kilograms of heavy Sid Waddell Trophy.

Price against all! This is the motto when the madness in the London Alexandra Palace is returning to the London Alexandra Palace before full ranks and party scenes. The Scott Peter Wright, disguised last year as a green Christmas grin, and the longtime Prius Michael Van Ger wen from the Netherlands are considered the hardest adversaries of the Welsh, but Price does not worry about it.

I'm not worried about Michael, about Peter or about anyone. I just try to play darts, and if that succeeds, I win 95 percent of the games, said Price. He would like to win the World Cup final after his own statement against the highest possible opponent. Of course, Van Ger wen does not leave such attacks uncommented. If I game my A-game, nobody can get dangerously, said the Dutchman Checkout — the Darts podcast.

For the World Association PDC and the organizers Price is a luck. With its distinctive appearance and the autocratic appearance polarized the 36-year-old, on the stage, the muscle is sometimes heated the sometimes as crocodile, banana or super mario-disguised fans with his loud and shrill. Frequently, Price will also be exploited. I hope I at least get the respect I deserve, said Price at Sky Sports.

Far before The Iceman, as price is called, in the final on January 3 on Paradise Wright or the former tiler Van Ger wen might hit, lurking in round three a particularly sensitive game. Price as the best man in the world, it could get to do with Fallon Sherlock, the best Darts woman.

80) Gerwyn Price vs John Henderson 2020 PDC World Darts Championship 2019.12.27 Round 3

However, the 27-year-old Englishman is sorry to be reduced to this role, as it has happened after the recent successes at the Grand Slam. I am a professional Darts player and no curiosity. Finally, I participate in Darts events that are open to all and not as a woman in a men's event, said Shire ck of the DPA. Two years ago she had the first woman defeated a man and reached the third World Cup round.

Germany has to wait for the very big breakthrough at the most important tournament of the year. Gabriel Clemens In the previous year, defending champion Wright and seemed the first German secondary event in a thriller against Poland Krzysztof Ratajkowski. The way continues step by step up, I am now a good year constant in the top 32 and have strengthened my position, said Clemens at Spot. The Saar lander starts this time until December 23 to the tournament.

Is dirtier the youngest winner? Then Wright is waiting

Particularly focused on the focus, Youngster Fabian dirtier, who goes to the start at the age of 16 as a second-year-old player of the World Cup story. Overstated dirtier his kick-off match against England's Ryan Make, he is not only the youngest winner of a World Cup game, but also gets a two-round match against the Scots Wright as a bonus. To play against him would be really fat. He begs a party, that's Mega cool, said dirtier, who has received three days of school for his commitment in the Ally Pally in the home Frankfurt.

In addition to Clemens and Duster, the former handballer Florian Hempen and Martin Schindler are also there in London. The two training colleagues were given to each other directly for the foundable. It was a weird situation. There's all the year against each other, just to get the same opponent again. I think we both have it on it. So it can only give one — unfortunately, said Schindler. It will become the second German duel at the World Cup. In the previous year, Clemens had decided his duel with Nico with 3: 1 for themselves.


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