No further fairy tale: Beaton probably googled Sherrock

Fallon Sherlock will not write history again compared to the Darts World Cup two years ago. The 27-year-old Englishman lost their start-up match against Landsman Steve Beaten at the late Sunday evening just with 2: 3 and thus also missed the great opportunity for a possible third-party with the Welsh defending champion Berwyn Price.

The Match That Made HISTORY | Fallon Sherrock v Ted Evetts| Full Match With her appearance on stage in the Alexandra Palace, Sherlock delivered a proper performance and threw several 180s in the first sentence. But against the end of the game, you went a bit lost the goal security in the crucial moments. A higher checkout as exactly 100 should not be in it — and even with the checkout quota (9 out of 20), a lot has been left.

Routine Beaten, in which Darts scene called only The Bronzed Adonis, meanwhile also against adversity from outside. Finally, the 57-year-old was laid out in his enema from the fans who held to Sherlock. He blended the ancillary noise in the Alexandra Palace at his 31st World Cup participation. Although Sherlock brought himself to the second and fourth sentence in the meantime, but had to be beaten ultimately.

I love to zip people in the pub

In the weeks before the World Cup, the best Darts woman in the world had to answer numerous media inquiries. The World Association PDC and the transmitting station Sky Sports also moved massively into the center in several trailers and players. Two years ago — at the World Cup 2020 — Sherlock had defeated TED EVENTS and the Austrian Census Slavic successively and thus wrote Darts story. Against Beaton, she was also considered the missed World Cup in the course as a light favorite — and had made aware of in advance with this statement in advance: I love to zip people in the pub. And then I say, 'Google Me!'

Beaten, who now meets the Belgian Kim Huybrechts, had apparently gained Sherlock in advance and prepared for the duel with her. For the exciting match with her, the compatriot also had praise afterwards: She simply continued to play so well. Fallon did it very well. Just not good enough on this Sunday evening.

German duel goes to Hempen

Florian Hempen threw himself into the 2nd round of the Darts World Cup. Getty Images

Before the appearance of Sherlock, a pure German game went over the stage in the Ally Pall. With one-sided output. World Cup debutant Florian Hempen clearly defeated his compatriot Martin Schindler.

The 31-year-old sat down 3-0 and thus reached the second round of the world's most important tournament in rapid mode. Hempen showed little nervousness at his first game in the Alexandra Palace and made with very high finishes of 156 and 158 points early in the game for absolute highlights. 21 shots over 100 and eleven over 140 could be seen in addition. The native Brandenburg Schindler, on the other hand, also lost his third World Cup game in third parties.

Now full concentration is on the next game, what happens after that, I do not know.

Florian Hempen

Of course I am happy, enjoyed it on stage, it was really fun, said the winner in the interview at Sport1. The new Corona restrictions that make a journey home impossible during the tournament takes Hempen Meanwhile: Now full concentration is on the next game, which happens after that, I do not know. If I want to win, of course, I'll stay here of course. Hempen gets it on Tuesday (22 clocks) with the Belgian Dimitri van den Beef, which is set at position five.

By the way, Schindler against Hempen was only the second German duel in the history of the Darts World Cup. In the previous year, the German number one Gabriel Clemens had chosen the two-rounded Nico short 3: 1 for themselves. Already at the inlet, a contrast between the two training partners became clear. While Schindler came to I want from Rammstein to the stage, the election-Kölner Hempen sang according to Holstein Jung by Brings. This was nothing for the euphoric audience, they did not seem to know the party song.

Clayton has to rise against Barry

Johnny Clayton then had to prove himself at the end of the late Sunday against Keane Barry — and did that at the end with 3: 2 after starting difficulties against the heavily recreational counterparty. The favorite in the end but in the end to another level, with whom the Underdog could no longer keep up. In the end, there were eight 180s for Clayton, 27 shots over 100, 19 over 140. But the winner was not without a thumbs up to Barry and also donated great praise: He played really relentlessly.


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