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Mark Aaron Older (born 14 August 1989 in Berlin-Spandau) is a German YouTube computer animation artist, book author and driver of the YouTube channel Dark victory. It was well obtained by the Animation Collection SUBCLASS, which was granted several times with the German web video clip cost. His computer animated and also at the same time editorially supervised information magazine Briefed — Feed your mind! Was granted the Grimm Online Award.

Full Phone Call: Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary of State To Recount Election Votes | NBC News The German Juniors have disappeared their dress rehearsal in front of the U-20 World Cup in Canada. The team of national coach Tobias outer defeat in Red Deer of Slovakia with 0: 4. The first tournament game of the German selection takes place on the second Christmas day (20.00 o'clock me / magenta sport) in Edmonton against Finland. We lost the game because we have not worked hard enough in the two-fighting, criticized outstretched: We have to accept the two-fights in the next games and show more physical presence. The German Juniors, who have to do without the North America-based exceptional talents Tim Support, John Peter and Lukas Rachel, meet at the World Cup in addition to Finland on the Czech Republic (December 27), Canada (29 December) and Austria (December 31). The goal of the German team is the quarterfinals. Also read: Question mark offensive, but more depth? Deb team in Edmonton before difficult mission


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