Short Line World Cup: Wellbrock floats in world record time to gold

Florian Cellblock celebrated a perfect completion of the year. The Olympic champion sponge in the short-run World Cup to gold and the world record.

Like a gladiator, Florian Cellblock spread his arms and demanded more Applause from the spectators: with a power demonstration of the extra class, Germany's pre-swimmers crowned his outstanding year. The unleashed Olympic champion secured to the completion of the short-run World Cup in Abu Dhabi over 1500 m freestyle in world record time the gold medal and declassified the gathered world elite.

I'm still a bit speechless, said the double world champion about two hours after his triumph. The eccentric cheer for his relationships he explained with his emotions: There are so many thoughts through their heads. To make you try out of the run, because you have not under control for a brief moment.

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When playing the national anthem during the award ceremony was a broad grin behind his dark FFP2 mask. He had put on the phone aside again because it has shown 150 new messages. Cellblock had previously cracked in 14: 06.88 minutes the old bottom of the Italian Gregorio Paltriness by more than a second.

An hour later, back swimmers made Christian servant with bronze in the 200-M final in national record time (1: 48.97) perfect the World Cup completion of the German point of view. For the Potsdam it was after silver over 50 m already the second medal of this year's title struggles on the 25 McBain. Fabian Schwingenschlögl occupied the fifth place over 50 m breast.

For the world record alone, CELLBLOCK certified 50,000 US dollars from the World Association FINA. Together with the winning bonuses for his first seats over 1500 m and before the free water world cup, Cellblock flies with $80,000 more in the bag from the Persian Gulf home. The Christmas presents for girlfriend Sarah Kohler and the family should still be lush. I'm not a friend of gifts anyway, Cellblock said recently.

He is a friend of competitions — and the 1500-M final was almost perfect. Cellblock dictated from the beginning to the race, after eight minutes he finally resigned from the field and sponge in the end only against the imaginary line of the world record. I had no real plan, the Magdeburg betrayed, I just wanted to swim a good race.

At the end of his competitors, Cellblock added a hearty defeat at the end of the year, which could also be a finger tie for the more important Language World Cup in May 2022 in Japan. In Abu Dhabi, silver went to 400 m-M-Olympic champion Ahmed Hanoi (Tunisia) in front of the Ukrainian Mikhail Romancer. Both, however, had hit the German pre-swimmer for four seconds. Paltriness was fourth with a residue of more than 14 seconds.

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If this triumph had come slightly earlier, perhaps Cellblock would not have to leave the Tennis Olympic Champion Alexander Zeal in the choice of athlete of the year last Sunday. But even with place two he should have been satisfied, especially since he is currently the underpaid number one in the water.


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