Someone paid 20,000 zlotys for a rare Mount from World of Warcraft

Not everyone plays in WoW for levels, gold or rallies. There is also a large group of people who deal with collecting different items, for example, mounts from the game.

The problem with the mountains is, however, that some of them have already been withdrawn from World of Warcraft and practically the only chance to win them are external auctions with cards or old accounts — on Allegro, eBay or other sales services.

Unfortunately — and this is another problem — the rarest and unique County reach cosmic prices going in thousands of dollars.


The day before yesterday (December 29) on the American eBay ended the Spectral Tiger card auction, which comes from the already inactive World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (in 2013, Blizzard finished support).

There are legendary prey cards in TCG. These are special versions of normal cards, extended to a scratch or under which the code is located. When you enter the Blizzard page, it turns into a similar code that can be used in World of Warcraft.

Asmongold & OTK Pull a $12k SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER | Most Expensive WoW Mount In this case, it was about such a loot card, or a card with a Spectral Tiger activating code in the game itself, which even more improves its value.

The fight for the mountains lasted until the very end (several dozen people took part in the auction) and ultimately closed the amount of $4,900, or 19,700 zlotys.

Of course, there is a likelihood that the buyer paid for the card, not a virtual mounting. Perhaps he will keep her original state and in a few years of sales with profit.


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