What makes New World Patch 1.1.2? Fixes Nen Housing

New World Patch 1.1.2 was brought to the game worlds as part of the maintenance work on 9 December 2021. And for himself, this is nothing dramatic, a small patch. Worse or annoying, it is more likely that there is a fairness to maintenance lately. Well then. So what did New World Patch 1.1.2 made today?

Housing-Bugfix, JHU!

Reminds you of the bugs that have made up that New World Players could rich dream ? And to the mistakes that caused the server time jumped into the future one month ? Not only the trading posts had to be switched off, even the decorations in the Housing were only disabled.

And then everything did not help: A rollback had to be and has the heroes of New World (Buy €39,99) for a few hours put in a time machine back to the past. But the problem was: There were stretching terms who lost their house during the rollback. In this respect, the affected news should be very pleased.

Players: Indoor houses that have been lost during a rollback, buy and use. This should make it possible to play them: indoor to pay taxes on their homes when this problem occurred, writes community manager Touch in the New -World forum.


And otherwise?

Otherwise, not much is happening with Update 1.1.2 for New World. On the one hand, the technical basics for the server compositions were taken, on the other hand, the Thanksgiving event turkey terror has been deactivated. But it will certainly not last until the next event comes: The winter convergence is already available on the PTR.

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