Bavaria Legend Pfaff criticizes nubel

Ex-Bavaria Keeper Jean-Marie Faff (68) has criticized the decision of Alexander Nobel (25) to join FC Bayern in the summer of 2020.

"I already said when he came from Schalke, he said that he is not ripe for Bavaria. Never was and is there, on an absolute top level, he could not replace it on foreseeable time," Faff said The Kicker at the presentation of his autobiography "my life - from the street footballer to the World Porter".

Jarang yang tahu apa itu BAVARIA..?? Ini fakta Uniknya

Especially for a young goalkeeper, it's "bad" constantly on the bench. Therefore, it was "a stupid decision" by Nobel, so Faff: "Talent alone is not enough."

Look, on the other hand, Nobel's competitor at the Bavaria Manuel Neuer, the Faff prophesied many years in professional football prophesied. "If he stays healthy, Manuel will be new for a long time. If he is still fit with 45, he can also sign a three-year contract again," believes in the 68-year-old.

Bavaria's number one games "in a top team, in which of course he also experienced calmer phases than other goalkeepers, but in the European Cup, in a World Cup - there he is always there. I hope he stays healthy for him."

Voting resolution: This is your SEE successor to Bavaria

Nobel's future still open

Nobel is currently borrowed from FC Bayern to the AS Monaco. After initial starting difficulties, he is now one of the absolute power carriers of the team as well as one of the best keepers of Ligue 1.

The loan business is still running until the summer of 2023, after which the future of the 25-year-old is open. A return to the Bayern comes as question as a change to another club.

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Most recently, the Tottenham Hotspur signals their interest according to information from Spot and Goal. Trainer Antonio Conte is looking for a younger goalkeeper as competitors of Hugo Lori, although the 35-year-old recently extended his contract.


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