Biathlon: World Cup in Oberhof shortened on three days

Due to the currently warm weather with a lot of rain, the Biathlon World Cup in Oberon will be shortened from four to three days next weekend. This was announced by the World Association IBM on Monday.

Oberhof Women's Mass Start | 2019–20 Biathlon World Cup

Thus, the sprint of men is laid on the racing dough from Thursday to Friday (11.30 clock). At 14.15 clock then starts the sprint of women as planned.

Because it is expected until Tuesday rainfall, the work on the World Cup route has initially been discontinued, said the organizers in Oberon. As soon as the front was pulled through and the temperatures fell, the preparation continued.

We will prepare you with all the strength in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. For this, the main and volunteers work hard and hand in hand in order to master the admixed not easy situation, said OK boss Thomas Hellman.

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