Do not report! Propaganda TV Sim "NOT for Broadcast" Official Release Sunday Determination [UPDATE]

Publisher Tiny build and Developer Not games are the official release date of the Dystopia TV Propaganda sim NOT for Broadcast , which is expanding early access from January 2020, has decided to be determined on January 25 locally Announced.

This work is a strong governance in the 1980s UK, which is a strong governance, and the player manages television broadcasting used as a brainwashing tool and chooses what to show or show what to see people. Don't forget the word everything smooth to censor and configure confidential information (or not), determine the destiny of the nation while driving a stupid ad. Television programs and advertising have a live-action video for more than 43 hours.

Formal release version 1.0 features the following new elements:

  • Final chapter Episode 3 features three large-scale broadcasts

  • Includes new TV content over 17 hours

  • 17 ad

  • Multiple story endings that affect the player's decision

  • New challenge

  • Cosmetic reward

  • achievement

Early access version sales version sold more than 300,000, and more than 4,000 user reviews are overwhelmingly popular Not for Broadcast. Official release version is scheduled to be delivered at Steam / / EPIC Games store.

※ Update (2022/1/13 6:33): Fixed the error in article and re-released. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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