Like Lewandowski and Haaland! Chic for Völler already "world class"

The With 18 seasons in 17 Bundesliga lots, Patrick Schick from Bayer Leverkusen plays a superior Bundesliga season. In the assessments of its services, he falls behind the dazzling superstars Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern and Erlang Haaland from the BVB anyway often. Unjustly, as Bayer Managing Director Audi Roller stressed.

For the Leverkusen-maker, it is clear that the Czech center proof is part of the same shelf as the two top Sniper from Munich and Dortmund.

There you only need to look at the scorer list of the Bundesliga: There he lies between the two, Roller said in a guest contribution in the Kicker and added: Patrick already belongs to the category world-class. He still has to confirm it - but He will do that.

For Bayer Leverkusen, it had been a stroke of luck in retrospect that the 26-year-old could not show such a strong tor quot in his predecessor stations as Roma and RB Leipzig. Then we would never have got him in 2020, White, who once went to gone hunting even as a world-class center tower.

Roller points to top quotas of the Bundesliga stars

The crucial development step of chest in the last one and a half years was according to Roller, that chic physically much more robust has become. This physical strength allows him to celebrate balls in the opponent's third and be bothered. In addition, the Bayer boss counted the speed, his head ball match and its final strength to the most important qualities of the Czech national player.

A similar evaluation also took BVB striker legend and Landsman Jan Killer, who also sees Schick already in a similar category such as world footballer Lewandowski: I would compare him to Robert Lewandowski, which can conclude with left, right and the head, in this way and technically versed. In addition, Patrick has recently born physically, which gives him an advantage, said the 48-year-old.

Roller wishes you a self-confident dealing in this country overlooking the top scorer within the Bundesliga: In Germany, the quality of the Bundesliga is quite questioned, but: Where are three such top center sprayers in England, Spain or Italy? The games All here with us, directed the world champion from 1990 to the outstanding goal quotas of Robert Lewandowski, Erlang Haaland and also Patrick Schick in this season.


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