Olympia and World Cup in Qatar: This brings the sport year 2022

The WWF World Cup is the official Darts World Cup of the World Darts Federation and also has actually been held every two years every 2 years because 1977. Within WWF, the event occupies the role of a major worldwide occasion and the results are thought about because of this worldwide placing list.

The great wave of pandemic-related cancellations in 2020 still works itself into the sports year 2022nd After the postponement of the Olympic Games of Tokyo by twelve months and some top events had one year to move back — and are now imminent.

Is framed rich in highlights year by the two biggest sporting events of the year: From Winter Olympics in China and the World Cup in Qatar, was postponed to November and December because of the heat in the summer. The most important sporting events in 2022 in the overview.

Winter Olympic Games in Beijing (4 to 20 February)

Olympic: Big Air Shouting in Beijing, China. Imago images / ECG

The athletes expected in China strict measures because the host a zero COVID-19 strategy track and want to prevent definitely possible. Unvaccinated athletes would advance three weeks quarantine in the giant country. Sporty it is important for the German team to confirm the strong Pyongyang balance of 2018 with 14 Olympic gold medals and 31 medals. There is something more decisions than four years ago, which is mainly due to new mixed-competitions.

World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18)

Human rights discussion and boycott threats: Around the Winter Cup plays the sporting aspect so far a rather minor role. Amnesty International criticized recently continued widespread violations of the rights of migrant workers. Because of the climatic situation, the Tournament of the summer months has been moved into the pre-Christmas period. Germany, defending champion France and record winner Brazil are safe there. European champions Italy and former European champion must Portugal in the play-offs in March.

Tour de France (July 1 to 24)

The kick-off in Copenhagen, the highlight at the summit finish at Alps d'Suez and the grand finale in Paris: The tour also offers 2022 again a very interesting profile. Unlike other sporting events, the biggest cycling race in the world, although never failed corona conditions. The Copenhagen plan, however, was provided for 2021 and was then postponed because were held at the laid Football Championship in the same period matches in Denmark's capital.

Athletics Championships in Eugene (July 15 to 24)

Germany's Sportswoman of the Year Malika Mambo. Press Photo Batman / Hans Brit sch

First time in over 20 years, the World Championships in Athletics will be held again in North America. Eugene won the bid unopposed. The German team has to defend two world titles and the balance of 2019 (six medals) would like to improve. Back in Doha decathlete Niklas Paul and long jumper Malika Mambo had won gold.

Women's Football Championships in England (July 6 to 31)

In the scheduled actually for 2021 tournament in home of football German women are called directly. The team of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has a tough group with Spain, Denmark and Finland caught. Organizers expect full stadiums, played among others at Wembley Stadium in London and at Old Trafford in Manchester. Defending champion is the Netherlands.

European Championships in Munich (11 to 21 August)

The second edition of the European Championships (to Glasgow and Berlin 2018) will be held in Munich, are represented among other sports Athletics (Olympic Stadium), table tennis (Audi Dome), Gymnastics (Olympic Hall) and beach volleyball. Not part of the program this time the float, the 2022 contest their World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

Formula 1 season (20 to 20 March of November)

For Formula 1 is a record season with 23 races on the schedule. Between the opener in Bahrain and the final in Abu Dhabi are 21 more races that are held including in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico and two in the US (Miami and Austin). A Grand Prix in Germany is missing again on the world tour.

Basketball Championship in four countries (September 1 to 18)

The first round in Cologne, the final round in Berlin for Germany's basketball to the NBA pros Dennis Schroeder and Maxi adhesive is a tournament in front of his home fans. In the preliminary round group the team of national coach Gordon Herbert has drawn heavy but lots: the Olympic silver medalist France is waiting just like defending Slovenia and Lithuania top team.

Major sporting events in 2022 at a glance


01./04./06. Ski jumpers: four-headed tour, 2./3./4. Jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen 01.-03. Darts: World Cup in London 06.-09. Biathlon: World Cup in Oberon 10.-16. Figure skating: EM in Tallinn 12.-16. Hall hockey: EM ladies and gentlemen in Hamburg 12.-16. Biathlon: World Cup in Upholding 13.-30. Handball: EM Men in Hungary and Slovakia

Venezuela v. Peru - Qualifiers FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 17 . Football: World footballer election in Zurich 17.-30. Tennis: Australian Open 28.-30. Ski Nordic: Ski jump World Cup in Willingen 29.-30. Cycling: Cross-World Cup in Fayetteville Arkansas / USA 29.-30. Ski Alpine: World Cup Departure and Super G Ladies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


02.-06. Hall Hockey: WM Ladies and Gentlemen in Liège 4.-20. Olympic winter games in Beijing 13 . American Football: Super Bowl in Los Angeles / USA 14.-24. Women's football: DFB selection in England's EM preparatory tournament 15.-16. Football: First Game Champions League Octagonal Finals 18.-20. Basketball: NBA All-Star Weekend 19.-20. Basketball: Bbl Cup Top Four 20.-26. Cycling: UAE tour 24 . Darts: Premier League in Berlin 26.-27. Ski Alpine: World Cup Slalom Men in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The DFB headquarters in Frankfurt — a new president is elected. Imago Images / Snail


1. Hockey: Final Champions Hockey League 04.-13. Winter Paralympics in Beijing 4.-5. Football: IFA General Assembly in Zurich 6.-10. Horse sport: World Cup final dressage and jumping in Leipzig 06 . Motorcycle: Start MotoGP in Qatar 06.-13. Cycling: Paris-Nice 08.-09. Football: Start Rocking Games Champions League, Octagonal Finals 11 . Football: DFB Bundestag with Presidential Election in Frankfurt / Main 11.-13. Ski Nordic: Ski Flight World Cup in Vikersund / Norway 17.-20. Biathlon: World Cup Graduation in Oslo / Norway 18 . Football: Drawing Champions League, Quarter / Octagonal Finals 19 . Cycling: Milan-Sanremo 19.-20. Ski Nordic: Ski Flight World Cup in Oberstdorf 19.-20. Ski Alpine: World Cup Graduation in Courchevel / France 20 . Formula 1: Bandied Bahrain 21.-31. Football: FIFA discharge period with test matches of the national team 21.-27. Cycling: Catalonia Tour / Spain 21.-27. Figure skating: World Cup in Montpellier 25.-27. Ski jumping: World Cup graduation in Panic / Slovenia 27 . Hockey: End main round in the Del 27 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia 28.-03. Ring: EM in Budapest / Hungary 29 . Hockey: beginning play-offs in the Del 31 . Football: FIFA Congress in Doha TBD Boxing: Women's World Cup in Istanbul


1. Football: World Cup Display preliminary round 3 . Rowing: Barrage between the Universities Oxford and Cambridge in London 05.-06. Football: Champions League First Game Quarterfinals 07.-10. Golf: Masters in Augusta / USA 10 . Basketball: End Regular Season of NBA 10 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Australia 12.-13. Football: Champions League Rocking Games Quarterfinals 16 . Basketball: Start NBA-PLAY-OFFS 16.-2.05. Snooker: World Cup in Sheffield 17 . Cycling: Paris-Roubaix 18.-24. Tennis: Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart 21.-24. Taekwondo: World Cup in Golang / South Korea 23.-24. Handball: DUB Cup Final Four in Hamburg 24 . Cycling: Liège Bastogne-Liège / Belgium 24 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna / Italy 25.-01.05. Tennis: BMW Open in Munich 26 . Ice hockey: beginning of the del finals 26.-27. Football: Champions League First Game Semifinals 29 . Hockey: End main round in the NHL TBD Weightlifting: EM Men and Women in Sofia

In 2019, Jan Frozen became Hawaii Iron man World Champion. His successor is sought in St. George. Imago Images / Beautiful Sports


01 . Cycling: Eschborn-Frankfurt 02 . Hockey: Start Stanley Cup Play-Offs NHL 03.-04. Football: Champions League, Return Games Semifinals 05 . Ice Hockey: Latest Date for Game 5 Del Finals 06 . Basketball: Beginning of BBL play-offs 7 . Triathlon: Iron man World Cup in St. George / Utah (originally October 2021 / Hawaii) 07.-29. Cycling: Giro d'Italia (ITA) 8th. Formula 1: Grand Prix of Miami 11 . Football: UEFA Congress in Vienna 11.-15. Karate: EM in Gaziantep / Turkey 13.-29. Hockey: Men's World Cup in Finland Helsinki / Tamper 13.-29. Swimming: World Cup in Fukuoka / Japan 14.-21. Tennis: WTA tournament in Cologne 14 . Football: Bundesliga 34. Match day 15 . Football: 2nd Bundesliga 34. Game day 15 . Women's Football: Bundesliga 22. Match day 18 . Football: Europa League, Final in Seville / Spain 19.-22. Taekwondo: EM in Manchester / England 19.-22. Golf: PGA Championship in Tulsa / USA 21 . Football: DFB Cup, Final in Berlin 22 . Women's Football: Champions League Final in Turin / Italy 22 . Formula 1: Big prize from Spain 22.-05.06 Tennis: French Open 26 . Darts: Premier League Final in Newcastle / England 27.-29. Rowing: World Cup in Belgrade 28.-29. Women's Handball: DUB Cup, Final Four in Stuttgart 28 . Football: Champions League, Final in St. Petersburg / Russia 28 . Women's Football: DFB Cup Finals in Cologne 29 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Monaco 29 . Triathlon: Iron man 70.3 in Kraichgau


02 . Basketball: Beginning of the NBA Finals 2.-14. Football: Four Nations League Games of the national team 05 . Triathlon: Iron man with EM women in Hamburg 06.-12. Tennis: Mercedes cup in Stuttgart 09.-19. Handball: Bundesliga Last Game Day 10.-12. Horse sport: DM jumping and dressage in Valve 11.-19. Tennis: WTA tournament in Berlin 12.-19. Cycling: Tour de Suisse 12 . Formula 1: Big Prize of Azerbaijan 13.-19. Tennis: Tournament in Halle 16.-19. Equestrian sport: DM versatility in Luhmühlen 16.-19. Golf: US Open in Brooklyn / USA 16.-19. Darts: Team World Cup in Frankfurt 17.-19. Rowing: World Cup in Poznań / Poland 18.-19. Handball: Champions League Final Four in Cologne 18.-26. Sailing: Killer Week 18.-25. Tennis: Tournament in Bad Homburg 19 . Basketball: Latest Date for Game 7 NBA Finals 19 . Formula 1: Big Prize of Canada 24 . Cycling: Time-running DM in Mars berg / Saarland 24.-3.07. Equestrian sport: Ohio in Aachen 26 . Cycling: Road Wheel DM in Saarland (Arnsberg-Winterberg) 26 . Triathlon: Iron man with EM Men in Frankfurt / Main 27.-10.07. Tennis: Wimbledon 30 . Ice Hockey: Latest Date for Game 7, Stanley Cup Finals, NHL

Who wins the tour 2022? Getty Images


01.-24. Cycling: Tour de France 01.-17. Field Hockey: WM Ladies in Spain and the Netherlands 03 . Formula 1: Big prize from Great Britain 03 . Triathlon: Challenge in Roth 06.-31. Women's Football: European Championship in England 08.-09. Karate: World Games in Birmingham / USA 08.-10. Rowing: World Cup in Lucerne / Switzerland 09.-10. Triathlon: World Championship Series in Hamburg 10 . Formula 1: Big prize from Austria 14.-17. Golf: British Open in St. Andrews / Scotland 15.-17. Football: Stick 2nd Bundesliga 15.-24. Athletics: World Cup in Eugene / USA 16.-24. Tennis: Hamburg European Open 24 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of France 29.-01.08. Football: DFB Cup 1st Round 30 . Football: Super cup 30.-05.08. Cycling: Poland tour 31 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Hungary 31 . Triathlon: Iron man 70.3 in Dresden


05.-07. Football: Stick 1. Bundesliga 05.- 15. Horse sport: WM dressage and jumping in Herding / Denmark 11 . Football: UEFA Super cup in Helsinki / Finland 11.-21. Athletics: European Championships in Munich 11.-14. Rowing: EM in Munich 11.-21. Swimming: EM in Rome 19.-11. Cycling: Spain tour 21 . Cycling: Classics Hamburg 24.-28. Cycling: Germany Tour (Kiel Stuttgart) 24.-28. Cycling: Mountain Bike World Cup in Les Gets / France 26.-11.09. Volleyball: WM Men in Russia 26.-04.09. Athletics: Para-WM in Kobe / Japan 28 . Formula 1: Belgium 28 . Triathlon: Iron man 70.3 in Duisburg 30.-12.09. Tennis: US Open

Does Dennis Schröder play at the European country? Imago Images / Camera4 +


1.-18. Basketball: basketball-em in four countries (preliminary round also in Cologne, final round in Berlin) 04 . Formula 1: Big prize of the Netherlands 06.-7. Football: Champions League 1st Game Day Group phase 08 . Football: Europa League 1st Game Day Group Phase 09 . Cycling: Grand Prix Québec / Kannada 09.-11. Rugby Sevens: World Cup in South Africa 10.-18. Ringed: World Cup in Belgrade / Serbia 11 . Cycling: Grand Prix Montréal / Kannada 11 . Formula 1: Big prize of Italy 11 . Triathlon: Iron man 70.3 in Orkney 15.-18. Equestrian sport: World Cup versatility in Proton del Jivaro / Italy 17.-25. Rowing: World Cup in Racine / Czech Republic 18 . -25. Cycling: Road Wheel World Cup in Wollongong / Australia 22.-28. Football: Two Nations League Games of the National Team 22.-01.10. Basketball: Women, World Cup in Australia 23.-15.10. Volleyball: We of women in the Netherlands and Poland 25 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Russia


02 . Formula 1: Big Prize of Singapore 06.-08. Triathlon: Iron man World Cup on Hawaii 08 . Cycling: Lombardy tour / Italy 08.-12.11. Rugby Union: Women's World Cup in New Zealand 09 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Japan 12.-16. Cycling: Railroad WM in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines / France 13.-18. Cycling: Tour of Jiangxi / China 18.-19. Football: DFB Cup 2. Round 22 . Ski Alpine: World Cup prelude to Golden (not yet official) 23 . Formula 1: Large price of the USA 27.-30. Darts: EM in Dortmund 28 . Triathlon: Iron man 70.3 World Cup in St. George / Utah 30 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Mexico 31.-06.11. Tennis: WTA Finals in Shenzhen / China TBD Weightlifting: World Cup, Men and Women in Chongqing / China


01.-02. Football: Champions League, 6th Game Day Group Phase 03 . Football: Europa League, 6th match day group phase 04.-20. Handball: Em of women in Slovenia, Nordmasedonia and Montenegro 06 . Motorcycle: Last race MotoGP in Valencia 13 . Formula 1: Grand Prix of Brazil 13.-22. Football: Bundesliga 15th match day 13.-22. Football: 2nd Bundesliga 17th match day 14 . Football: Beginning of the FIFA discharge period before the World Cup 20 . Formula 1: Big prize from Abu Dhabi 21.-18.12. Football: World Cup in Qatar TBD Tennis: ATP Finals in Turin / Italy


16 . Football: Nations League, Drawing Groups 17.-22. Swimming: Short Line World Cup in Kazan / Russia 18 . Football: World Cup Final in Qatar 30 . Ski jumpers: Quadruple Tournament in Oberstdorf TBD Ice Hockey: Spengler Cup in Davos / Switzerland

TBD: Not terminated yet


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