Uncharted movie: 5 weeks afraid and dislocation - Tom Holland in the stunt

Tom Holland, who takes over the role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Film, is not to see for the first time in an action-rich movie. Among other things, he also embodies Spider-Man in the new film series of the Marvel hero. But the Uncharted Tree demands the actor a lot more than the role of the Spider-Man. Holland has expressed himself in a video about the rapacious turn of a famous scene, which we have already seen in the movie trailers.

Fearing-inflowing rotary

That's why it works: Tom Holland has already performed several times, how much the shoot of the Uncharted film is physically and psychologically burdened. The role of the adventurer Nathan Drake has a decisive disadvantage compared to Spider-Man: The latter wears a full bodysuit, which makes it possible to use CGI, while in Uncharted everything hangs on the actor itself.

Holland talks about a famous scene: In a Behind The Scenes clip, Tom Holland has spoken over the rotation of a scene that is leaning against Uncharted 3. It is the moment in which Nathan Drake is thrown out of an airplane in the air and clamp on regarded cargo bundles while he has to fight enemies.

With this trailer you can get an impression of the action:

Holland refers to the stunts from the Uncharted movie in a Behind The Scenes clip (see below) as far greater than anything he has done so far and reported that for about five weeks for the airplane scene was filmed. He tells how he hung in this time almost every day 30 meters high in the air on a rocking box - until he has finally thrown away from it.

In the clip can be seen as it is catapulted by the air and overlooking. The actor can give the efforts but also something good and explains:


That was terrifying, but I think this level of fear makes this scene so more authentic.

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From a new trailer material we know now that the action scene is strongly reminiscent of the famous moment from Uncharted 3, but the movie takes some freedoms. The strip does not tell the action of one of the games simply postpone, but is more likely to interpret as a kind of best-of.

From the 10th of February we know exactly how the adventure will be Nate, Sully and Chloe. On the day the film starts in German cinemas.

Can you imagine that Tom Holland's real fear makes the scenes authentic? Are you looking forward to the movie?


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