Wow: Less than two percent of the players have the magic tower

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If you look at the number of users from WOWHEAD.COM, then only two percent of users have completed the success The Tour de Term and thus caught up the Mount Sailing Magic Fold. Granted, so are only the people who have created a Warhead account or associated with their account.

So really represents this number may not be. But also websites such as, which reads out the data from the Arsenal, comes to only 0.36 percent of all accounts that have recreated the mountain towards the end of the Legion time immigration event. Players still have time until January 5, 2022, at 05:00 clock before the event will be active on 20 July 2022 according to the WoW calendar.

Manned tower challenges too hard for players?

In Legion, one had the opportunity to set up a tactic with high-level equipment, with which the magic tower challenges could master without much knowledge about his class. With the Legion-time immigration event, the developers decided to escalate the Item level. Well-equipped Raiders had no free trip and the challenges could be addressed theoretically with characters from the classroom.

Boss was made much harder after the test phase on the PTR, all legendary effects deactivated and even attenuated some enchantments like crusaders. Due to this increased level of difficulty you may have increased more players than won. If you look into the forums, then the dislike against Shadow lands has risen again after the event.

The 10 Features That Were Removed From WoW That Were Player's Favorite! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5 The magic tower should be a nostalgic memory that should be fun. In the end, the rewards did not even pay off: An animal set in new colors and a book mount? That's not worth the effort, you now had to read the more often of frustrated players in the WOW forums.

An extension to patch 9.2 would have been meaningful

A renewed extension of the events might have prevented this. We still do not know when patch 9.2 comes to the servers. Players may now look for the more or less exciting Legion event new tasks in WOW (Buy Now €14.99), with which they expel the time until 9.2.

You have brought you the Mount at the Legion event, you try it until tomorrow morning, or did you give it up? Write us in the comments!



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