China's "Mittelfinger": Swirl around Uighur Torch Rauer

Without a word, Dinigere Yilamujiang disappeared from the Olympic Trail and left the wave of indignation behind. The Uigurian cross-country driver did not want or was not allowed to talk about the skithlon of the winter games about talking about what human rights activists tailored as a "shameful" propaganda action of China. The 20-year-old had inflamed the fire at the opening of the Beijing games with the Nordic combiner Zhao Jiawen - and in the midst of international criticism of China's leadership because of the suppression of the Muslim minority of Uighuren in the Xinjiang region.

"China shows the rest of the world the Mittelfinger," said the Expert Yaqiu Wang von Human Rights Watch to choose from Diniger Yilamujiang as a tormenteller. It is the "the most political chess train", with the IOC still asserting the games "unpolitically", commented ZumretAy Erkin from the Uighur world congress on Twitter.

The International Olympic Committee, however, had a completely different view of things. "Very adorable" was the concept of ceremonial chores, athletes and athletes with the birthday of the 1950s to choose to select as the last torch runner until the 2000s, Ioc spokesman Mark Adams said. And finally, the 2001 born password "An Olympic athlete who participates in the competitions here. She is absolutely justified to attend the torchman," said Adams.

The image of Dinigere Yilamujiang in igniting the fire also asked the day after the opening ceremony on the title page of the Olympic Supplement of "China Daily", a newspaper published by the Communist Party of China. The appearance of the athlete on Friday is "a political show that gives the world a terribly wrong picture of a happy life of Uighurs," criticized Kuberban Haiyuer, head of the offices of the Uighur's Uighuren in Berlin, in the "Mirror" interview.

Hundreds of thousands of Uigurers, according to human rights, have been launched in the Xinjiang region arbitrarily in Umwearing Bearing, which described Chinese Responsible as "training facilities". There are reports on torture, maltreatment and ideological indoctrination in stores.

To what extent it was involved in the decision for Yilamujiang as a final runner with the torch, the IOC left open. The young Uigurin had not appeared in the World Cup this season. With her Olympic premiere on Saturday she was chance, came 5:57 minutes after the gold winner Therese Johay from Norway to the finish.

The fact that they had returned to the opening of Zhangjiakou after their controversial appearance at the opening at the opening of Beijing, which may have been hardly conducive to their performance in the skithlon the next day. You could not ask you afterwards. All four Chinese starters remained away from the interview area. 90 minutes after the race, the waiting journalists were asked to go.


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