Comments from Valve Boss about a possible price increase of Steam Deck

It is possible that Steam Deck has been formally released only a few days ago, but some fans already feared that manufacturer Valve will end up increasing the price of the portable PC platform in the near future. Given the scarcity of parts and increased difficulties with manufacturing in recent years, consumer concerns have begun to increase when it comes to video game platforms that increase price over time. Fortunately, with respect to Steam Deck, at least, the head of Valve has said that the hardware will not become more expensive at any time in the future.

In a recent conversation with Ignand Director of Valve, Gabe Newell, confirmed that the price of Steam Deck will not go up. Newell said that Valve considers that the current Steam Deck prices are fixed, largely because it is a public commitment to potential buyers. "I mean, part of what you do with prices is to make a promise to customers," Newell said. "But we would not expect to adjust the price of SKU».

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Even though the current versions of Steam Deck will not see, it will not increase its values, Newell affirmed that he is not against the launched new versions of the system high in the future. "That's the best thing about the PC market. [...] within a year, AMD will have better pieces. Right? Within a year, all component providers will expand capacity, performance or reduce costs. Therefore, we are absolutely going to handle that as hard as we can, "Newell declared. "That is part of being in the PC space, is that all essentially promote the price performance improvements of others over time."

For now, Valve is in the process of sending the initial orders of Steam Deck to those who predicted the platform months ago. Then, these shipments will continue during 2022. Those who opt for Steam Deck purchase at this time can expect the hardware to arrive at some time after the second quarter of this year.


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