FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann "Of course sad" over the departure of Niklas Süle

That Niklas Süle is leaving FC Bayern in about five months, coach Julian Nagelsmann does not work against the upcoming Bundesliga game against VfL Bochum (Saturday, 15:30).

"You can not only promote players who are tied to the club longest. In football there is now temporary contracts," explained the 34-year-old in advance at the press conference.

Nagelsmann did not want to rate the release-free departure of the defense player in the direction of Borussia Dortmund: "It is not my decision and not my life." Of course, he is "sad" about the departure, "because I have been accompanying him for a long time."

In the upcoming game against promoted Bochum, Slee is likely to be counted as a regular personnel. Unlike manuel new, the keeper falls off for several weeks because of a knee surgery. Nagelsmann still has full confidence in substitute Sven Ulreich.

FC Bayern also without new "well set up"

"He has a certain experience. He has represented Manu for a long time. He will bring a good performance, also the next weeks. We are well positioned," said Nagelsmann.

Even Ulreich sees himself prepared. "You are preparing for a possible use every week, so you are ready. It is definitely good that I've played a few weeks ago. I am ready for the game," said the new representative.

Games accompanied the press conference with the Bayern trainer in the detailed live blog. There are all important statements for reading.

+++ pursues Nagelsmann the Olympic Games? +++

"I have so little seen very little because we have a lot of games in the many weeks and I really have to sleep now and then. Of course, I congratulate the successful athletes. However, I have really seen little, read a live ticker at most. But I am looking forward to all athletes. "

+++ Tactical finesse or emotional fight? +++

"We go the game as well as every other game too. It is a good mix of tactics and emotionality. There is always a bit of the spontaneous impression, if I still have to read emotionally before or during the game. We want to win, no matter, against whom it works. "

+++ Who sets Nagelsmann on Saturday? +++

"You are already pounded, but evaluates the achievements of the players regardless of any contract details. That's why the question arises for me, which team is best fitting on the upcoming opponent. You can not only promote players that tied to the club longest to the club are. In football there are now temporary contracts. "

+++ Nagelsmann over the Slee-Transfer +++

"I do not rate that because it is not my decision, not my life. I'm sad, of course, because I have been accompanying him for a long time. There are normal processes in football that players leave us free-shipping, including us. make aware that Niklas is still our player until June 30th and we expect it to give everything and wants the title with full greed, but that one or the other fan is frosted, but I can also understand., sometimes you lose. "

+++ NFL games in Germany - who wins the Super Bowl? +++

Julian Nagelsmann kritisiert Bayern-Talent: „Haarsträubende Fehler und Teufelskreis“ | FC Bayern

"I do not have a favorite. My favorites are all left. I do not have a favorite team. I have a connection to the Kansas City Chiefs, but also the Green Bay Packers are interesting. Most of the time it is the Super Bowl In the halftime, because I have a little something to work before. "

"The anticipation for NFL games in Germany is very big when I get cards."

+++ Who inherits sweet in the defense? Tanguy Nanzou? +++

"Tanguy is a talent, nevertheless, he is so slow in an age in which he has to reliably play. There are moments, where he plays outstanding, then there is moments, there is also hairstopping bad passes. This is certainly the lack of rhythm, that must then also have to arrange the coach. But this creates a devil circulation, you do not get a game practice and thus no reliability. He has a big good and that is his aggressiveness and his unconditional will to defend. He becomes his job title of the defender Come. Now he has to work on his reliability. "

+++ Nagelsmann via Master Playoffs +++

"You have to discuss everything. For such an enterprise, there must always be added value and if any smart minds decide, playoffs would have added value, then I am the last one who defends themselves. Why not?"

+++ So Nagelsmann estimates the VFL Bochum +++

"Bochum has been well stabilized and shown well in front of everyone in home games. Good, Riemann falls out, that's one of your key players. They have extremely a lot of pace over the wings, because two arrows could expect us. That will be our job To prevent Bochum's balls behind our chain. Of course it is also a highlight game for all Bochum fans and the whole club. "

+++ How does the Bayern game change without new? +++

"Manu can be played in any pressure situation, that's a big advantage. Ulle can also kick, of course not in the goodness as manuel new. But predominantly all goalkeepers. We may then play one or the other return pass less. But the FC Bavaria and Ulle itself are entitled to actively shape the construction game. I will not borrow back passes. We do not have to die in beauty. "

+++ Nagelsmann via Sven Ulreich +++

"I'll take him very normally. He has a certain experience and did not make his last Bundesliga game four weeks ago. That's why I'm good things that he is well represented. He is not a 21-year-old anymore, who is not a 21-year-old Time clenched, we are well positioned. "

+++ Let's go +++

Bayern coach Nagelsmann meets in the press room, the media round begins.

+++ SELE leaves FC Bayern towards BVB +++

Since Monday it is official: Niklas Süle Ligaconkunkt Borussia Dortmund will be released in the coming summer. The international and FC Bayern did not manage to contact a further employment.

During the long-standing club Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge judgments, Slee has never been properly enforced in Munich, contradicted Captain Manuel new: "We all annoys that Niklas is going. He will be missing us." How do coach Nagelsmann evaluate the departure of his center-back?

+++ VfL Bochum vs. FC Bayern: The duel without a regularkeeper +++

Against the newcomer, the Munich must definitely renounce goalkeepers of newer. The 35-year-old underwent a knee surgery and falls out several weeks. But the VFL Bochum also has to replace its budget number 1. Manuel Riemann is not available after a positive Corona test.


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