Sony, Destini Developer Governor 4 trillion won acquisition

Sony did not have a famous game developer.

SONY СОВЕРШИЛИ ОШИБКУ? Sony купили Destiny и Bungie (Сильный ответ Microsoft?)

The Sony announced that the game was $ 3.6 billion (about 4 trillion won) through the official website of the last month.

This acquisition decision is to enhance the competitiveness of multi-platform services through securing popular IP and developing power.

There is the latest small shooting game 'Destini Guardians' of the host. This game is provided through PC steam and Xbox (Xbox), PlayStation (PS) series.

The Bog is also a fact that Destini Guardians was completed with a multi-platform game that supports complete cross-plays under Sony.

Jim Ryan Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO is a company that "I am glad to have a contract to take a contract with the official website," Buddha is a company that recorded a successful performance in publishing and live game services. " We will help you realize our ambition to develop beyond the platform and to increase potential customers. "

"The Ryan is operated independently. The performance developed a large-scale successful franchise in science (SF) shooting genre is expected to complement Sony's own IP portfolio."


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