Before duel with the BVB: Zentner's race over time

The last two of the 14 infected with Corona Mainzer professionals were tested free on Tuesday. For catch-up game on Wednesday night against Borussia Dortmund (18.30, LIVE! At Corona Mainzer) they should logically not play a role. In general, how many players will actually be used, whether sufficiently recovered or not even sick - this was 05 coach Bo Svensson during the press conference the day before the game not comment.

to mention names altogether. Clear is now only that besides the three professional goalkeepers and attackers Delano Burgzorg was among the infected. The 23-year-old Dutchman a slight myocarditis was diagnosed as a result, he must pause until further notice. Not only in Svensson's eyes once a cautionary tale "example for all who think: Who is tested negative, could also play - this is not so."

If the game today, would not stand in the gate Robin.

Bo Svensson

But even with different teammates, "we see that it is not without is," says the football coach. So it is still unclear whether stem keeper Robin Zentner can stand between the posts. The number 1 was tested free on Sunday, but: "If the game today, Robin would certainly not stand in the gate," said Svensson. Whether it is sufficient for Wednesday evening, thus becomes a race against time. "Robin is completely checked and yes does not have eleven kilometers run," says Svensson, "it's a load other than a midfielder. However, the test battery is the same than for all others."

Is it enough not to Zentner, may well celebrate Lasse Riess his Bundesliga debut. The 20-year-budgetary Regional goalkeeper has a milder behind. "We are a goalkeeper have available," Svensson notes.

Svensson's message: Health is above the result

The matchday squad will be filled with U-23 forces, "but that will not be ten," the coach outlines at least the order of magnitude "for the most part, there is a contingent of players from the first team." If he could bring a competitive team on the court against the second-ever Svensson answered as scarce as clear: "Yes." That the Mainz under the circumstances more clearly outsiders even as anyway, is meanwhile objectively obvious.

The question of whether Mainz with a Notaufgebot like on Matchday 1 at 1: can score 0 win over Leipzig, represents Svensson not take center stage. But: "The focus is entirely on the performance, on what we can call on the synergy between spectators and players feel like the guys on the line.."

Prior to zeal is nevertheless expressly warned: "We also have in the game, of course, a special eye on those who were sick, our doctors and athletic trainers would realize if something is wrong with the movements and we are dealing with adult people their.. body know and should give honest feedback. "

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The clear message of the trainer: Health is more important than the points. Thiemo Müller


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