Cacace Redeems New Zealand late

It developed between New Zealand and Tahiti from the beginning the expected game. The guests retreated deep into their own half and left the "all whites" the ball - but the households against the narrow defensive initially fell a little. Only in the 29th minute Garbett headed for five meters over the gate.

New Zealand vs Tahiti (1-0), Liberato Cacace Goal Results and Extended Highlights..

Seven minutes later, Newcastle Stürmer Wood was first at the center - his header flew past the goal. Since Tahiti continued to defend passionately, and New Zealand did not find any gaps, it remained at the goatless draw for the break.

New Zealand's corner balls provide danger

In the second half, the New Zealänder were mostly dangerous for standards. Initially, Reid bunged the ball after a clutter on a corner door to the gate - Tahitian goalkeeper Jackson Teave Teamotuaitau stood properly and prevents the residue (48th), then Mauri Jean Teatere Heitaa scratched the header of Tuiloma for his already beaten back. Line (55.).

Then it takes a time until the "All Whites" succeeded in the redeeming hit. Cacece, which is active in FC Empoli, met short distance (70th). Almost it would have come from the point of view of Tahiti even bitter. However, Tuiloma only headed the torn net (73.).

Since Tahiti remained faithful despite the residue of his tactics and continued to build two four-chains in front of their own penalty area, Wood & Co. had no difficulty getting the 1-0 over time.

This is New Zealand in the final of the World Cup qualifier of Oceania, which will be held next Wednesday (18 o'clock). There, the Solomons, which conveyed in the semi-final Papua New Guinea.


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