Cologne Baumgart: Input I would have had to accept earlier

That was probably the least expected. Given the failures of players like Jonas Hector, Ellyes Skhiri, Dejan Ljubicic and Florian Kainz, the appearance of FC against Dortmund was a bear strong signal. "We are satisfied with the performance. Since you can not complain about it," Salih Özcan found, "we had the scheme that we wanted to play through. We wanted to come over the intensity." And how!

Cologne's flank pain the BVB

Despite a total of eight failures, the FC pulled his game idea unbridled. "We just did not let us dissuade from the plan - also by the 0: 1 not," Louis Schaub said, which came through the PersonnelNot to his starting elevation, "that's a quality. We have known: if we continue to put pressure on that we are dangerous about the flanks. " Especially before the break, the FC would have been able to beat even more profit with many high ball gains and numerous opportunities for getting started than just compensation.

Until then, it was an appearance that was sampling somewhere between inspiring and sensational. "We have repeatedly put them under Duck, again and again stressed, many balls were gained early. It would not have been unevenly unevenly if we even win the game," domestic defense Luca Kilian Euphoric, "the coach has it before the game Said: We can beat everyone, we do not need to hide before. That's what you saw today. "

The coach said it before the game: we can beat everyone, we do not need to hide. You have seen that today.

Luca Kilian

Baumgart: "We develop all of us - this is the same for me"

For the FC after the site change and Dortmund's changeover to a 3-4-3 no longer all under control, then Steffen Baugart then took over a part of the responsibility. "The guys have made a superior game until then," the FC coach praised to practice self-criticism: "Starting on a triple chain, our two strikers are not so good. My staff would have liked to see that we used to go to two Switching six. I would have had to accept the input earlier. We develop all of us - that's the same for me. "

"Combat Machine" Özcan convinces in both directions

Maybe once again strong performance of Salih Özcan had moved to the coach to stick to only one defensive midfielder and two bumpers. Finally, the "battle machine" Özcan convinced against the BVB again offensive as defensive. The compensation initiated with a fine body deceit against Jude Bellingham and a well-tensioned pass on preparer Jannes Horn.

"We wanted to go bravely forward, even if we lose the balls then, I did that, Jannes played in the barrel and he struck a good flank," explained Özcan, "and then we have two chunks in front, which recycle Then one or the other. " Anthony modests extended by head, Sebastian Andersson enforced with the right foot.

A duel against Bellingham for 50,000

And after the break, Özcan ran the ball in the midfield Bellingham in an impressive way. A warned duel, which also enthused the 24-year-old himself: "This is definitely fun. 50,000 you will then be cheered. We wanted to come across the fight and annoy the Dortmund."

Flick has an agreement with Özcan

There were two scenes with symbol character. And two scenes that underline why the 2021 U-21 European champion is now also a topic at national coach Hansi Flick. Thus, the Cologne, who will continue to be courted by the Turkish Association, explained after the game at Sky to the failed nomination for the upcoming international matches of the DFB team: "We really talked about it, but I have agreed that I just have the Season good to finish and want to retrieve my performance in the club - and then you see what happens in the future. "

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