"FIFA 22 is completely in the ass"

Actually, Content Creator and Influencer Elias 'Eliasn97' nerve only wanted to explain why he no longer wants to play FIFA 22. What has come out in 37-minute video form comes equal with the title and developer EA SPORTS equal. The most impressive statements at a glance.

Elias Nerlich over...

... the reaction of its environment:

"I do not even write many people, why no FIFA comes anymore. People do not miss it."

"My friends do not play FIFA anymore. None of my private friends still plays FIFA."

... the condition of FIFA:

"They do nothing anyway. EA does not matter anyway. FIFA 22 is completely in the ass."

"Fifa is one of the biggest games in the world and the people itches it zero. EA it is turned zero. Because the billions do."

"I will not play FIFA 22 anymore. But I will buy FIFA 23 as a small pisser in the first week directly."

... the handling of the community:

"Do you know what EA does wrong? You do not hear a bit on the community. They listen to the people who in my opinion rumble because they are knocked down. These are this 40-, 50-year-old Thorstens, the game It would not play long anyway. "

WIESO ICH MIT FIFA 22 AUFHÖRE???? REALTALK ÜBER EA SPORTS & FIFA???? "I love FIFA actually. But what you have been doing for a few years is just disrespectful to the FIFA community."

... the problems of the Weekend League:

"In the Weekend League you have to sweat, because you have to have armed welding, you have to smell like shit, you have to fight."

... the Forced Quali to the Weekend League:

"Either they are stupid, the people who work there. Or they are too lazy to think. One of both it must be."


"This whole eSport theme is the most disrespectful of everything. That does not get so many with, because it does not matter many. But what they allow themselves is really crass."

"One guy who sits here in underpants and can not even be english, it did - I believe, at least - to put the biggest FIFA offline event on the legs on the legs. I do not know if the World Cup had better numbers, But even if: such a thing you can not compare with the World Cup. "

... EAS priorities with FIFA:

"You make a really bad job, seen in a linctual, not for business perspective."

"They do not come to improving the rewards because good rewards lead to more coins and has less money in the game."


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