Hagmayr reacts to Fountas

The SK Rapid won on Sunday against Austria Klagenfurt 3: 1. The absence of Rapid striker Taxiarchis Fountas counted to the great conversation topics. Now his advisor reacts.

For weeks and months, Taxiarchis Fountas will be a premature sale to MLS-Club D.C. United linked. A release-free summer transfer is already fixed and officially, in advance, Rapid could still make money with the Greeks.

It is clear: Rapid does not want to leave his striker under value. At SKY sports director Zoran Barisic on Sunday was Sauer: "It annoyes me very much. For inexplicable reasons, he reported himself after Friday training injured. We will take investigations on Monday and then look at what is actually going on. This Personal Taxi Fountas annoys me very."

Barisic continues: "We are a proud club, Taxi Fountas has very experienced consultant with Max Hagmayr and Andreas Dobers. It will have taught him what Rapid means for many people and that one has to comply with his contract. If you are injured, you have to give autographs on the matchday. There it would be fun to look at what questions are asked. "

Max Hagmayr: "Do not understand why it gets up"

But Fountas consultant Hagmayr wants to make his client a breach of contract. "Nobody needs to remember taxi Fountas that he has a contract with Rapid and contractual obligations. That means to play if he is fit. Taxi has not been able to help after graduation training for health reasons to help the team And to play, "says Hagmayr.

Diagnoses from the outside are not effective. "I do not understand that the topic is so highly pushed, with Rapid everything is going well right now. We will put together with the club next week to find a solution to which all involved can be found."

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A consent of Rapid is still greater - and currently the Hütteldorfer does not seem to be good in the Greeks: "This did not get Fountas yet. I think we have to do this this week. We want a common solution Find a factual basis. Emotions are never beneficial in this situation. "


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