"Hero hour" looks like "Heroes of Might and Magic III"?

Hero's Hour is a step-by-step strategic game developed by the Thingonitsown, and you may notice the similarity with another series. Hero's Hour has many striking similarities with the Heroes of Might and Magic series, especially with Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can make you wonder if they are like.

Answer Yes - Hero's Hour and Heroes of Might and Magic III are very similar, but there are some key differences. We collected some similarities and differences below.

Hero hour against heroes of sword and magic III

What does it look like?

Most of the game process Hero's Hour and Heroes of Might and Magic III is the same. You manage the heroes that explore the world in search of resources and fight both monsters and with other heroes. These resources are used to create your city and the army.

6 Upcoming games like Heroes of Might & Magic | 2021 - 2022 The appearance of the surrounding world, urban monsters and user interface are also very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic III. Many cities in the "Hero hour" have the same topics as in the "Heroes of Might and Magic III", although in the "hour hero" more factions.

What changed?

The main and most obvious differences are artistic style as well as combat system . Heroes of Might and Magic III is fully step-by-step both in the usual world and in battle. While Hero's Hour has a step-by-step study of the world, it has an automatic battle.

This means that both parties are moving independently and at the same time. Although you can still give orders, all actions are performed in real time, and not in turn. Another key difference is the role of the hero in battle.

In Heroes of Might and Magic III, the hero is behind and is not directly involved in battle, except for the use of spells. But Hero's Hour allows the hero not only to use spells, but also fight along with your units. It looks like a hero function in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

For more information about the "Hero hour", read the section What is the reserves in the "Hero hour" and how do they work? And what to choose: "control the battle" or "Go to the outcome" in the "Hero hour"? in professional guidelines for the game.


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