Lauter and the self-confidence: "We have worked hard on that"

It is a good starting position in which the 1st FC Kaiserslautern is located before the 31st matchday (to the current table of the 3rd league). After 16 games with just one defeat and last two wins in a row, the Pfälzer rank in second place, four points in front of the third Saarbrücken. There is also the form strength of the upcoming opponent, the Bundesliga reserve of the SC Freiburg has not lost the last eight games, for no excessive nervousness. "The claim has grown with us: eight games are not lost, but we want to be the team now who wins there," said head coach Marco Antwerp on Friday.

The self-confidence is undisputed, although Antwerp will certainly allow some tension before the games ("This is also part of"). But that on the Bayenberg, the own claims are now underpinned with captivating arguments, eight gaming days can make hopes for the desired second league return, there is no question. "We have developed this self-confidence hard in the season," said Antwerp. "I have given the guys for the rest of the rest again: It was an important factor that we have come over constantly good performance in the upper area."

Suitable at the beginning of the hot seasonal phase and the upcoming international space, which gives again the possibility of fine adjustment, Antwerp and his coaching team can almost sit on the entire squad. Only Jean Room and Lucas Röser fall out. For this René Klingenburg is again an option after he had a head injury in the game at the VfL Osnabrück (1: 0). "We have done the whole procedure, as it is to run after such a concussion, follow. Accordingly, he is back in the squad and operational again," says Antwerp.

More than 5000 FCK fans announced in Freiburg

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Leaving the red devils in this seasonal phase can also focus on their fans who have already taken care of the past home game against undertaking Havelse (3: 0) for a handsome backdrop (20,650). For the game in the Freiburg Dreimstadion, more than 5,000 FCK trailers is expected, several times the guest SC had to increase the contingent. "It's a superior situation that we make a away, a home game," says Antwerp. But: "We want more, we want to get more fans in the stadiums. We have to show performance."


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