Pavel Dotchev finishes his coaching career

Dotchev terminates his coaching career after 19 years. The 56-year-old, who had risen with ARE in 2015 into the 2nd league, has decided not to work as coach at the end of the season. He had "intense three, four years" behind him, "always fought against the descent". Although he would "continue this task," but would like to "take away".

Viktorias neuer Trainer Pavel Dotchev: Die Euphorie in die 3. Liga mitnehmen

Dotchev focuses on his job as a sports director

Thus, Dotchev at Erzgebirge Aue makes the role backward. Recently, he was also installed as a chef coach next to his function as a sports chief at the violets. At the end of the season, Dotchev will fill in the Saxony, whether in the 2nd or 3rd League - as before its double task, only the position as a sports director.

As a cader planner together with President Helge Leonhardt, the coach routine wants to shape the future of the FCE. Previously, Dotchev, with 293 play record coach in the 3rd league, will try everything to prevent the threatening descent. With currently nine points behind the relegation place, the Hansa Rostock Inne is, the fischchen hope only with a win on Sunday against Regensburg (13.30 clock, live! At sports director) continue.


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