FIFA 22: All about the tots, release date, filtrations and more of the FUT star event

Val letting the final season of season in the world of soccer and, therefore, also in FIFA 22. The EA Sports game would take advantage of more content for Ultimate Team in World Cup, but you know that, it is Season, it will be played at the end of 2022 in Qatar due to weather conditions. But what will not be missed at your appointment is the Tots of Fut, where the best players of the year will be rewarded, and where we probably see what are the best cards of the game to endure until the arrival of the next course.

So for that we are going to use this article; To heat the arrival of the launch of Team of the Season (Tots) to FIFA 22 . It is scheduled to arrive from this same April, and we tell you everything we know at the moment.


When are the tots in Fut 22?

EA has not yet made the information official but, according to the different features and known information. We will be updating by knowing all the details.

What it does seem clear is that from next April 22, when the Fut Captains event is completed, users will be able to start voting in the Community Tots , thus giving the pistolletazo to the event, with some Letters that probably have as a launch date on April 29.

In principle, the mechanics of the tots in FIFA 22 will be the same as in previous editions (if we obviate that puzzle that had to be done in the confinement season) so, every Friday, we will have a tots different from each of each of each of each The five most powerful leagues in Europe : Spain, France, England, Germany and Italy. On Wednesdays they will be reserved for the prizes to countries with minor competitions (Netherlands, Portugal, etc.).

As of all boot and, also as usual, EA will complement the publication of the most attractive letters with the launch of SBC challenges, weekly objectives and other related contents.


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