Golf: Tiger Woods with historical fauxpas

Tiger Woods '97 Win at Augusta: Remembered Golf Megastar Tiger Woods can write off the dreamed "wonder of Augusta" at his Masters comeback. The five-time tournament winner played the first nine holes of the third round on the highest demanding National Golf Course three about PAR and missed it closer to the sovereign world ranking scottie Scheffler (both USA).

Here's the Liveticker from Day 3.

Even twelve blows Woods' residue was at +4 on Saturday night before his last 27 holes. Scheffler (-8) had just started his third round.

14 months ago Woods had almost lost his right leg as a result of a heavy auto-accident. "I'm lucky that I still live," he said. For the Masters in Augusta in the outermost East Georgias, he nevertheless took his sixth triumph - he feels in the form of it, he had explained.

On his second round, the 46-year-old had struggled with strong winds on Friday. On Saturday he opened again in the white sweater on the Tea Olive with a Bogey, which he was able to reciprocate on the left-reaching second Doglegel hole (Par 5).

Tiger Woods with historical fauxpas

At the Par4 hole "Magnolia" then, on which Woods was undergoing a Bogey on Saturday, he even needed six punches - of which four putts. A Bogey followed the nine. This fauxpas had first happened to him in 2005 at the opening round, at that time he won the tournament anyway. In 2019, Woods had recently won the Masters, at that time under heavy back pain.

"It was a mental mistake, and we rarely see mental mistakes of him, especially in Augusta. After missing the second putt, Woods tried immediately to beat the next putt without marking the ball or change his attitude Two-foot putt, who should have been a simple blow, maybe had a little more attention, and that has cost him a big blow on the narrow leaderboard, "explained Chip Patterson of CBS Sports.

The German Altmamp Bernhard Langer (Anhausen) had failed at Cut this year after two laps.

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