I have to be in top shape: What Klopp from Bavaria

In its hunt for a historical season, FC Liverpool is in front of the decisive games with four titles. "If we want to create something very special this year, the time has come to start with it," said Jürgen Klopp on Tuesday afternoon at the press conference before the semi-final first leg of the Champions League against FC Villarreal (9 p.m., live! Bayern underestimated).

Klopp: "Maybe Juventus and FC Bayern underestimated them"

Against the "yellow submarine" the Reds are in the favorite role, but Klopp stubbornly warned against taking the Spaniards lightly. After all, they switched off on the way to the semi -finals Juventus Turin (1: 1; 3: 0) and FC Bayern (1: 0; 1: 1). "Maybe Juventus and FC Bayern underestimated them," said Klopp, "but that's something that has never happened to us and what will not happen to us after these four games - no chance."

Klopp particularly paid tribute to Unai Emery. Villarreal coach is a "detailed world-class coach who does an incredible job". He was particularly impressed by Villareal's defense art, which is why he was expecting a game of patience for Wednesday evening. "There will be moments when we have to suffer," said Klopp, "I already know that." However, he is therefore not nervous: "We are prepared for it and our task is to make life as difficult as possible for them."

Klopp demanded that everyone would have to go to the performance limit. "We have to be in top shape - I have to be in top shape." Klopp explicitly concluded the spectators. He hoped for a similarly tingling atmosphere as in the 2019 semi -finals against FC Barcelona (4-0) when the Reds still turned a 0: 3 from the home game.

all men on board - only Roberto Firmino is missing

Klopp: I want to teach the English a new saying

Personal, Klopp can draw almost out of the full. Except for Roberto Firmino, who can only contest running units after his foot injury, all players are available to the Reds.


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