Lol: the "globalito" brings players from LLA and LVP to represent their nations

Many of those who played some videogame We have seen international competitions where various players from different nationalities participate to take the world trophy ** giving the glory to the team they represent. Last year one of the most important streamers in the world of Gaming Ibai Llanos turned the dream of many players who wanted to represent their nation in a videogame, bringing the entire world the departure between Spain vs France, where players of these countries would participate in a Better five giving the show that the public of the world expected.

Translation of LatAm, the Twitter Xsonic user seeks to recreate the feat on our continent with the so-called "World" Cup of Nations and the Caribbean where the participation of coast has been confirmed Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. **

An event that could become a historic focus for the sports industry within the Latin continent, thanks to the dissemination and support that said event has had where yesterday the players who will be participating to represent each one of the countries.

With a great support of both players of the various leagues of lvp and also of some best known from the lla, the names we see can give that special touch to let this event can even come back a tradition in the region.

The format that is handled in this event is very similar to the Mid Season International MSI, where teams will play the first phase in an all against all at the best of one where only four of them will go to the next stage to define the two finalist and To the first "world champion.

Remember that this is an event created by the streamer to give something different from the scene, the tournament will be held the days 25 and 26 April with great expectations and with several people behind the project, the Latino community seeks greater presence Inside the ESPORTS. It will be necessary to see if this type of events is recreated in a more professional way with players in Stage and adding a greater number of countries for upcoming editions.


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