LOL: Riot launches an emergency patch for Zeri after his disastrous changes

After the scarce performance caused by the changes received on the League of Legends patch 12.7, Zeri has received an important improvement in the form of an emergency update. The champion had been one of the worst of the history of the game, unable to reach even 44% victory rate in any of the ranks classified. An alarming situation to which the company will try to put brake raising a bit the statistics of her skills, although without modifying the new identity of her more focused on critical impact than in fighter objects.

New changes to Zeri in the middle of the 12.7 patch

Zeri has become one of the most difficult projects in the history of Riot Games. She had a lousy debut in the invoker crack due to her particular style of play, but she began to dominate the Lane bot according to the players. The performance of it has been very prominent and its mechanics too frustrating for the community. Thus, has accumulated seven changes since its release in version 12.2 (more than one per patch). Large transformations that have turned out somewhat disappointing for those who face it and those who enjoy playing it.

NEW HOTFIX: Zeri Buffs | League of Legends

In the emergency patch introduced by Riot Games at dawn from April 15, 2022, the following changes were introduced:

Once again, We are facing changes in great dimension that seek to invest the trend of the champion . Riot Games went from aggressive due to the high number of Baneos that Zeri receives in the qualifying heames, but above all to the presence of it at the competitive League of Legends. Professional players have not stopped using it, and with MSI 2022 just around the corner, the company wanted to make sure that she would not dominate the competitive metajame during the tournament. This situation has also given rise to a controversial change to Ryze, in an equal or worse state that of the shooter.

It will be necessary to see if we are at the end of Zeri's definitive version or there will continue to be great changes. The truth is that is one of the most interesting and unique champions of all League of Legends , but the mechanics of it have cost him a great disgust to Riot Games.


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