Olli Olli World is the perfect game in one of the most exciting phases of my life

Studio: Roll7 Release: 08.02.2022 Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Switch, PC Genre: TrendSport

In the last few weeks and months, some top-class knockers, like Dying Light 2 , Horizon Forbidden West or ELDEN ring appeared. So different you are, one thing you have in common - you are right timekeepers.

Locker 100 hours and more can be spent in the forbidden West or the intermediate lands. At Dying Light 2 Warb Studio Techland even with the absurd number of 500 hours we would need if we want to see everything in the game.

As I liked personally, I personally sink a lot of time in good games, so much this is often limited. In everyday life, the work, family and circle of friends or other hobbies also want to have a decent piece of valuable time cake.

But it gets really burning, if special events or living conditions come and things are just about the pile. This can be the audit phase at the university, a fresh love or as in my case the birth of his own young talent.

A new life between frozen pizza and insomnia

As if life suddenly standing on his head - so it felt as our new and tiny roommate moved in. Eerie happiness, joy and a lot of love changed with stress, fatigue and not infrequently also despair.


=) = (


Your own hobby, or supposedly simple things like food or showers moved completely into the background. Hunger I had no, smelled, I did not have myself, because I was too busy to work and constantly use the little baby.

When something (new) normality and routine had recorded after a few days, I could not think so really to play. What would be worthwhile, if you have time an hour in between and this is often over after five minutes? I would have used a few days for the tutorial in Dying Light 2 and probably forgot again in the end, which happened in the beginning.

A certain release should support me in this spaghat. As a large skateboard fan, I had Olli Ollworld anyway already on my list and the game principle should prove to be so perfect for my situation, as I did not really care for it.

It's about Ollioli World

In Olli Olli World Follow my character on the way to Gnarvana, the sky for skate fans. As an unknown face in the skat scene, I have to prove myself and become the next skate miracle. And basically, the whole story is already told.

To achieve this great goal, I skate on a linear way through five different biomes and their 2.5D levels. They each have their very own special features and priorities. So I usually learn a new ability when entering a new area, such as the wall crowd. This is then in the center of the challenges for a while.


The world the areas


This automatically ensures that the learning curve rises organically with progress, I trusted myself step by step with new tricks and steady my repertoire for new skills and extend to the end. This is necessary to master the challenges in the course of the game, because even if the beginning is very beginner-friendly, the degree of difficulty - at least if you want to complete the optional challenges - noticeably on the fourth biom.

The control is amazingly reduced, because to land flips, grinds and graves, I do not need many buttons. For most tricks I really need only the left analog stick. If we press this in one direction, the character is squatting and depending on how I move the stick and let go, the desired action will be performed.

The perfect baby compatibility

The levels in Olli Olli are very short and designed to play them several times. Perfect, if you do not know if you do not need to exchange a few moments later the controller against a full diaper. Since I never need more than a few minutes for the levels, it's not a leg before, if I'm distracted in between - good, at least not for me. (I see your looks, brave character!)

But all this would have been very little availed if I had to pose the PlayStation or the Xbox for the game. Normally, the Nintendo Switch of me is more likely to be treated, but in this situation she could play her whole strength. In handheld mode, no time window was too short and hardly a situation inappropriate to turn a round on the virtual skateboard.


Clothing Body Posen Tricks Skateboard


Whether the baby was on my lap, used my stomach as a cot or lying on my arm - with the switch that was all totally no matter. Okay, admitted - forget the thing with the arm. That evening I had to decide between the good mood of my child and the survival of my arm - on games was really not to think.

Kevin Itzinger

A slight entry, a great learning curve and especially individual levels that can be completed in a short time. To do this, the opportunity to install the game on the switch, which can play me the luxury everywhere and play in many situations. The charming look and the control over time into the flesh and blood round off the whole and made Olli Olli World to the perfect game for my situation.

But even with unborn or older children, the game is certainly a recommendation if your skateboarding and skill games fails, because Olli Olli World is just about the "appeticle factor" fucking a lot right and great fun.

BEST PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE | Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive | Allie Sherlock & Fabulous Fabio cover As much as I enjoyed the time in Olli Olli World, so I'm also looking forward to rummaging soon with Aloy and Co. through the big game worlds. Above all, I am looking forward to the time I can then do that together with my very special new buddy.


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