Rise and Master: Magdeburg crowns extraordinary season

Through the Furiose 5: 4 last matchday at the SC Verl, the 1st FC Magdeburg had developed a matchball. And because the third Braunschweig has to take on this game day due to the Turk Czech withdrawal, the team of Chef Trainer Christian Tititz had the rise in his own hand - regardless of what the rest of the league does.

So, as it was already the whole season. On the 3rd matchday Magdeburg conquered the first time one place one, had to give this again, but from the 7th match day, a 1-0 win against the later pursuer Kaiserslautern, the FCM should have the spreadsheet after completion every matchday. Sometimes the European Cup winner from 1974 even led the third ligamate plateau even with more than ten points ahead of the lawn, on the lawn, the team proved by sports director Otmar Schork and head coach Christian Titz teamed team a lot of playing and open-life.

RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 - League of Legends

Especially a: Baris ATIK, which depicted a fabel season, powdered the third league record of 35 gate participations in a season before the 35th matchday pulverized and thus significant proportion of the best offensive of the 3rd league and the second league return of the Has FCM.

Noteworthy is the rapid development that the FCM has completed in recent months. One year ago, the three-time DDR masters hovered in acute relegation danger in the 3rd league. But Titz and Schork, recently bound and promoted to the managing director, succeeded in recording speed and with high acceptance within the team to form a descent a rise candidate.

Magdeburg played last time in the 2018/19 season in the 2nd Bundesliga, it was the first season in the lower house ever. But after just one year, the club rose again, landed in the folgesaisons on the 14th and 11th place in the 3rd league. Now the FCM returns to the second division stage as a third grandmaster - and would like to stay longer than last.


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