The 15 best open world games on PS5

Open-world games are for those who love adventure and freedom in worlds that welcome the scan of the player. When these game worlds are well done and are attractive, they can offer some of the biggest surprises that curiosity reward. If that is the experience you are looking for, here is our list of the best open world games in PS5 .

Assassin's Cred Valhalla

The best open world games on PS5

Valhalla is the last installment of the long Assassin's Creed franchise and wetrate us at a time when the Vikings were a real force in the British Isles. It is a significant deviation from Odyssey, which took place in ancient Greece, and the Egyptian origins scenario.

This time, Eivor is the main killer who is also a Viking. The main initial goal of it is to take revenge on the death of the parents as they expand and maintain the clan in a completely new settlement.

Death Stranding: Director's version

The best open world games on PS5

Death Stranding: Director's Cut adds a large amount of content that was not in the original version of the game, including new weapons, vehicles and equipment along with new game modes, extended stories and additional areas to get lost. There is even a classification table to compare scores with friends and other players from around the world.

To add to all that, there are also visual, audio and performance improvements for those looking to get the next generation complete package while reconnecting a broken America in a postapocalyptic environment. Those who already have the standard edition can update this version of PS5 with a purchase of $ 10.

The souls of the devil

The best open world games on PS5

If Elden Ring served as its introduction / reintroduction to the Soulsborne genus of fromSoftware, you may want to see the new version of PS5 from Demon's Souls, a very updated version of your first entry in the Souls series.

Bluepoint Games managed to insufflate new life to a ticket office, giving him an appearance never before seen that he will leave both veterans and newcomers amazed with the final product. There is even a fractured mode that did not exist in the original. Provides a new experience by reflecting the whole game map, including the player's character, making him the left hand of him the main hand.

Elden Ring

The best open world games on PS5

Elden Ring is one of the best examples when it comes to a game that allows players to be rewarded for their curiosity. The Lands Between is a scenario full of secrets, hidden roads and, of course, dangerous bosses to discover.

A great advantage when it comes to Elden Ring is that your challenges can face rhythm that you decide that is better for your specific game experience. It is still difficult, but being able to venture in any way helps keep things fresh if obstacles arise.

very far 6

The best open world games on PS5

This series is known for its enormous maps and large areas to explore, and Far Cry 6 does not disappoint in that sense. It takes us to the fictitious country of Yara, where a dictator, Anton Castillo, is exploiting citizens to take advantage of a new drug called Live.

As Dani, players should join the factions that fight for freedom to eliminate iron control that castle has over Yara. This huge company is full of chaos, violence and a lot of explosions. And everything can be experienced in cooperative mode with friends if you do not want to free Yara alone.

Impact Genshin.

The best open world games on PS5

Genshin Impact has been receiving periodic updates for some time to keep things fresh for those who continue to play, and that includes one that optimized the open world role play for PS5. With shorter loading times, better images and higher quality performance, the game feels like a great step forward in the next generation console.

If you have not yet set a foot in Teyvat from Genshin Impact, you should only know that it is now a good time with all the events that MiHoyo presents to accompany the free format. There are new missions, characters and stories around each corner.

Edition of the director of Ghost of Tsushima

The best open world games on PS5

The open world of Ghost of Tsushima is adequate for you if you are looking to travel through a small section of Japan as a samurai. The game focuses on a man named Jin Sakai who struggles to stick to the teachings of honor of him while the Mongols invade tsushima.

Becoming a "ghost" and using stealth combat is a way in which Jin learns to defend his home, even if defeating enemies off guard from the shadows goes against everything they taught him. And now there is even a multiplayer mode, for those who want to experience that game with friends.

West forbidden horizon

The best open world games on PS5

GAMES LIKE ELDEN RING : top 10 games similar to Elden ring

Horizon Forbidden West is another open world game that was launched at 2022, almost at the same time as Elden Ring. However, games could not be more different in terms of gameplay and narrative approach. This sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn improves its predecessor in several ways, including better combat mechanics, visual effects and even a more immersive world.

Aloy's story continues here and has more turns and turns than before, as it addresses the issue of ignorance of humanity and how that affects everything around it. With the real world links and a solid narrative, this is a mandatory game for fans of the first game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

The best open world games on PS5

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a Ubisoft title that places players in the middle of an open world. In this, there is a great approach in the Greek gods while Fenyx travels through the seven main regions of the game while preparing to defeat Typhoon.

Typhon has taken and eliminated the powers of the Olympic gods, which is where Fenyx comes into play. Prometheus uses the power of forecasting to predict that the main character may defeat Typhon in battle, and depends on you to realize that prophecy.

Lost Judgment.

The best open world games on PS5

Lost Judgement is a sequel that returned to the life of Takayuki Yagami while he investigates a criminal accused of sexual assault and murder. There are a number of turns and turns that will not see as a story develops that involves gray moral areas and a broken justice system.

Lost Judgement manages to take all the positive aspects of the first game and just improve them while creating an experience that will be difficult to leave as Tokyo's mysterious narrative is developed at a perfect rhythm.

Spider-Man de Marvel: Miles Morales

The best open world games on PS5

This independent chapter of Marvel's Spider-Man can also be played on PS4 but, in reality, playing in PS5 provides an experience that you simply will not find in the latest generation console. All marketing was shown in a version of PS5 and that is for a good reason.

Thousands of Morales, along with the family and friends of him, really shine here in this healthy winter holiday history. You follow thousand while he becomes a totally unique second spider-man. And, of course, you can still move through the city of New York with the best mechanics of cobweb rabin you will find in any Spidey game.

Nobody Sky

The best open world games on PS5

No Man's Sky has changed and evolved a lot since its initial launch in 2016. It has become one of the most exclusive open world games that you can have in your hands these days, and it is definitely worth taking it and playing it. You are looking to fly through the outer space, moving from planet on planet.

In addition, all updates are completely free as the game continues to grow, which makes it one of the best live service games on the market for those who only want to explore a vast world full of discoveries to do. This universe generated by procedures is waiting for newcomers to join fun.

Subnautics: below zero

The best open world games on PS5

Subnautics: Below Zero takes place two years after the first Subnautics, and brings players back to planet 4546b to find the truth behind a dangerous concealment of a mysterious incident. Several abandoned research stations are scattered throughout the area and depends on you to find out exactly what is happening while managing limited resources to stay alive.

Unexplored biomas full of caverns, basins and other aquatic environments are Subnautica scenarios: Below Zero. However, one of the great survival turns in this sequel are the zero temperatures mentioned in the title. Can you solve a submarine mystery while you stay hot enough to continue swimming?

El No Road

The best open world games on PS5

The Pathless is another unique choice that stands out among the high impact AAA titles listed, but instead of a complete universe in which to get lost, this independent jewel plants players in a mystical desert as a fast and agile hunter.

This is another success for Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid, the creators of Abzu. As a hunter, you and your companion eagle will travel through an island wrapped in darkness. The archery system will make you hit goals to move at great speed through grass covered plains, high forests and snowy tundras while struggling to dispel a curse.

Legion of guard dogs

The best open world games on PS5

Watch Dogs Legion is another Ubisoft input on the list and is completely different from the previous ones. Instead of magic and monsters, here we have a futuristic cityscape of London. You are back as a Dedsec member but, this time, they are more like several members at a time.

Instead of having a main character, Legion assigns players with the task of recruiting new members among citizens who wander through the streets. They can be changed and used in several ways, depending on their talents, with the ultimate goal of defeating Albion, a military group that has converted London into a state of surveillance.

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