The biggest banner on Twitch does not intend to be a good example: "I play computer games, I don't enlighten kids"

Felix "XQC" Lengyel gambled on a crane automatic machine in a past stream. This resulted in a dispute between the viewers and the Twitch streamer.

What type of discussion was that? The target market contributed XQC and provided the contribution with information that was automatically read out of one bot in the stream. It was regarding the one side claimed that he provided feeling the money he received from the viewers.

The opposite side went to XQC and also believed that he could do what he desired with the money. While the contributions got here and the chat also participated in the conversation, XQC came to be more and also extra frustrated:

Obviously I have to lead the damn method to heaven. Apparently I can't just make content nowadays. (...) I always have to ensure that the web content is ethically as well as ethically correct.


XQC snaps out - screams of viewers in anger burnt

The donations, the discussions and allegations do not quit as well as at some time it became XQC excessive, he wept out his viewers:

I anticipate to conserve the world, to sustain every charity available, to take treatment of ethical, social and also political issues. I am supposed to transform conditions, cancer, delight the conversation as well as elevate the children from all. I play video games, I do not inform youngsters!


In the Twitch clip you can see the flipping out of the streamer:

Even if he would certainly take procedures such as an age restriction or a paywall for his stream and provided a great deal of info regarding betting, he would certainly still be ended up.

He simply wished to generate and play web content. Considering that XQC is now taken into consideration an "influencer", he always has to take note of what he is doing. When a spectator said that he should not deal with the who intended to cancel him, he claimed that he was concerned concerning having a pleased area.

As the biggest banner in the system, obviously, also much more eyes are on him and his mistakes than with smaller ones.

Some spectators also stated that he extremely well grabbed kids since he influenced them with his web content. XQC is specific that he is criticized anyhow, whatever he streamed and how he shows.

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Banner Mizkif was likewise regarding gambling:

Felix "XQC" Lengyel gambled on a crane automatic machine in a previous stream.

What kind of dispute was that? The audience given away XQC and supplied the contribution with information that was automatically read out of one robot in the stream. Considering that XQC is currently considered an "influencer", he always has to pay interest to what he is doing.

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