Vettel before comeback: How late to go to school

That said the four-time world champion in a message of his Aston-Martin Rennstall in front of the Grand Prix of Australia on Sunday (7 am Mesz, Live! At four-time world) in Melbourne. The 34-year-old Hesse had missed the first two season runs in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia because of an infection with the coronavirus. Vettel was damned in his Swiss adhesive home in isolation.

"After I was not in the car for almost a month, it becomes important to learn from the training sessions," said the Heppenheimer: "I hope we can make some steps forward in a normally exciting and unpredictable race."

Vettel: "I am pleased to get started again"

Without Vettel, Aston Martin had nothing to do with the assignment of World Cup points at the season opener. Team College Lance Stroll and Replacement Man Nico Hülkenberg had missed the top ten in the Gulf States with their weak car. The English car maker is currently at the back in the field with Williams. "I'm looking forward to starting startup," Vettel said anyway.

2016 Canadian Grand Prix - Sebastian Vettel makes Lee McKenzie's life difficult A season start in Australia is not unusual for him. Before the Corona pandemic, the prelude took place regularly in Melbourne. The last race in the state of Victoria was 2019.


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