Adopt Me Fossil Eggs (dinosaur eggs) - release date and details!

Initially announced in June 2020 through Twit, an official was published by an official of me, take the account on Twitter, Fossil Eggs, appeared several months later, in October 2020, during the experiment. Excavations on the fossil island Event, which took place from October 2, 2020 to November 11, 2020. During this event, players could dig fossles at the excavation site, analyze them and use them to find out what types of animals will be inside, during the time, mysterious fossil egg. As soon as the player discovered all animals from fossil eggs, any future excavated fossils could be exchanged for toys.

After the end of the “excavation of the island of fossils”, the fossil egg was added to the assault rocket machine in the nursery, replacing the Australian egg. On April 16, 2021, the fossil egg was removed from an assault rifle machine and replaced by a sea egg. The fossil egg can no longer be bought at Adopt Me, it can only be obtained by exchange. .

To briefly familiarize yourself with all the pets that can hatch from the fossil egg, and their rarity, read the list below!

list of pets of fossil eggs

Look at all the pets that can be hatched from the fossil egg:

* Earthen Ladvets (General)

Tasman tiger * (general) glypton (unusual) Stegosavr (unusual) tricratops * (unusual) Dilophosaur (rare) pterodactyl (rare) wool mammoth * (rare) Dinonya (Ultra-Treaty) Sabbel-toothed (Ultra-Treaty) Dodo * (legendary) Tyranosaurus Rex * (legendary)

To see what these pets look like, look at the images below!

As can be seen from the images above, in this egg you can unlock quite a lot of interesting and unique pets! For those who are not familiar with dinosaurs or any other animals that lived in the Jurassic period, read funny facts below!

  • Danonya is much closer in size to cycling cycliptors in the Jurassic CinemaPark.
  • The real size of the cycling, which existed in the past, is much smaller than in films, and the name was used only because it sounds better. You will also notice feathers on it, which are much more accurate to correspond to what we know about dinosaurs now.
  • The dilofosaurus is another well -known from the Jurassic period_ But its ability to spit and expand the frill on the neck is fiction, and there is no evidence in reality.
  • The Tasman tiger is actually not a cat at all, but much more comparable with a wolf or a dog. Unlike what most people think, these animals did not die out in prehistoric times: the latter died in captivity in 1936, and observations of them were reported until the 1990s.

Parts of the fossil egg

The fossil egg has a green, brown and brown color and has various scuffs and spots of dirt around its bottom, which indicates that it was excavated. The back of the egg has a green-yellow tail in the style of a dinosaur and various brown scales. The video below, published by the official Adopt Me on Twitter, demonstrates this charming egg in non -working state.

To get acquainted with the details of this event in more detail, watch the video from Adopt Me News below.

NEW *DINOSAUR* FOSSIL EGG Update In Adopt Me! (Roblox) As mentioned in the first diagram of this article, the fossil island was a limited island in time, to which players could go by helicopter and explore it as an archaeologist! Once on the island, players will be able to dig fossles, talk with unique non -game characters, open a new life and much more! Although this island is no longer available in Adopt Me, it’s still nice to look back! And who knows, maybe someday she will return!

This is almost all the information that we currently have about the dinosaur eggs in Adopt Me. Be sure to read our posts Adopt Me Pets and Adopt Me Updates to find out more about what will happen in the future!


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