Anti -life scholar Sim "Dinosaur Fossil Hunter" Released in Japanese -Excavation of dinosaurs fossils and exhibited at the museum

Pyramid Games has released a new trailer, launching a new trailer, " Dinosaur Fossil Hunter ", a second -time scholar simulation that co -communicates with Playway.

This work is a single play work with a first -person viewpoint that allows you to enjoy the life of an old -fashioned scholar who studies extinct dinosaurs.

Excavation of dinosaur fossils and cleaning carefully

Players seem to have dinosaur fossils using an off -road vehicle, moved to the land of the United States, and identifies fossil positions, dynamite and chainsaws that remove obstacles, and various tools such as shovels and vine. Excavated a lump of soil buried with fossils. We will transport them to the workshop by truck.

After that, cleaning was performed only for fossils, except for the soil. Fossils are very fragile and require caution.

exhibits fossils excavated in a museum that can be customized

Dinosaurs completed by connecting the excavated fossils can be exhibited in the interior that can be customized to your liking and in a museum built on an exhibition table.

Further actual gameplay patterns can also be confirmed with Game*Spark's play repo and the video distributed on Twitch's official channel.

"Dinosaur Fossil Hunter", which is also scheduled to support Steam workshops, is also available for PCs for PCs and is usually distributed at Steam for 2,050 yen and 10%off until May 19th. The prologue version (non -Japanese -compatible) that can actually check what kind of game is now being distributed. In addition, it is also available at the Epic Games store and the Humble Store.


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