Because he was not allowed to land on the training ground with his helicopter: Sao-Paulo star Tardelli missed club World Cup

The club World Cup is an enormously important competition for numerous clubs. Diego Tardelli was missing in 2005 - due to a lack of landing permit.

If a player cannot be there at the legendary club World Cup, it is one thing. The other is if a missing helicopter landing permit is the reason for this. This is exactly what Diego Tardelli happened in 2005 - so what exactly happened?

In 2005 Tardelli was a promising young striker in Brazil. Under coach Emerson Leao, he scored twelve goals when Sao Paulo won the Copa Libertadores. He lost a little swing when Paulo Autuori took over the helm, but in the important final he was still able to score the last goal in the 4-0 victory over Athletico Paranaense.

A few months later, it was supposed to run particularly bitter for Tardelli. In October 2005 the helicopter incident occurred, which took the opportunity to stand on the pitch at the club World Cup.

Tardelli was 86 kilometers from Sao Paulo in Guaruja, a coastal city. When he noticed that he would be late for morning training on a Thursday, Tardelli decided to charter a helicopter. Then he tried to land on the field, but the security forces of FC Sao Paulo should put a stroke in the thread - he did not get a landing permit.

Three days later, Taudelli did not appear for training and claimed that he was sick. Sao Paulo's medical staff, however, found that he had a bad hangover after drinking too much the night before.

TARDELLI denies incident-but does not come into the club World Cup squad

Tardelli and Marco Aurelio Cunha, the then sports director of Sao Paulo, even fought live on television. "I'm always the scapegoat. I only drank a bit," said Tardelli at record TV.

"Dr. Sanchez saw that you had alcohol in your blood. Your problem is the bond with the squad. You knew that you have training at 9 a.m. and you only told us that you would be late and at 10 a.m. There would be, "replied Cunha. The end of the song: Sao Paulo traveled to Japan a few weeks later without TARDELLI.

Tension: US And Italian Troops Conduct Battalion-Sized Air Assault Incidentally, this was not the first time that Tardelli noticed with disciplinary problems. In 2004 he came to training too late because he went to a concert.

Diego Tardelli was awarded to Real Betis in 2006, then we went through a Sao-Caetano loan to PSV Eindhoven (also loan). He returned to Sao Paulo in 2007, but was sold to Flamengo in 2008. He later had his best years at Atletico Mineiro, where he won the Copa Libertadores together with Ronaldinho in 2013.

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The 37-year-old is currently without a club, until the beginning of this year the striker was under contract with FC Santos. Does he attack again? Quite possible, however, his new club should have a helicopter land on the site...


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