BTS Picture shows that the borderlands film began filming

Whether you don't want the borderlands film to be made or you wanted to give it a chance, production started. There is no way to stop it now. On April 1, Borderlands star Ariana Greenblatt published a shooting photo on Twitter alongside director Eli Roth. The legend reads as follows: "We are here, the cameras run ???? Day 1 ???????????? #Borderlandsmovie ”. Greenblatt, of course, plays the role of the demolition expert among teenage girls Tiny Tina. Greenblatt, Roth and another crew member are seen on the set with protective masks and facial screens, applying COVVI-19 prevention directives.

It's time to look too close in this way. No other major actor is seen in this photo, so it could be a scene with just Tina. Earlier in the day, it was announced that Edgar Ramirez would play Deukalian Atlas, the founder and CEO of Atlas Corporation. Although this character did not appear in any of the games, Atlas Corporation was the main antagonistic force of Borderlands 1. I would also like to emphasize that the original scenario of the Borderlands film had the CEO of Atlas Embauche Lilith to find and bring his daughter Tina de Pandora. This intrigue seems to move away from the original game, but let's see what they do with it.

Kevin Hart and Randy Pitchford On The Borderlands Film Set

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, is the executive producer of the film, so I hope he will maintain integrity and a semblance of games. There is no official release date for the Borderlands film.

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