Völler raves about Schick, Seoane and the team

The wire between Rudi Völler and Patrik Schick is a short 1. The former and today's center forward of the Werkself appreciated. And so the managing director and Bayer's goalkeeper sat together and flattested after the 4-2 win at 1899 Hoffenheim and the obligatory jubilee photo.

"We would actually have to send the Romans a picture," joked Völler with Schick, whom Bayer had won for 26.5 million euros from AS Rome - and who had now paid back in Sinsheim with two goals and an assist.

But Völler and Schick refrained from greeting the eternal city, in which the Czech had never found his sporting happiness, since he was never asked behind an Edin Dzeko as a center forward, but only off his ideal position. The Czech in the storm center, where it can act at Bayer, is significantly the strongest. "He is a classic center forward," says Völler, "and he is also served wonderfully with us."

In Sinsheim, where the Werkself achieved its most important goal with the qualification for the premier class after a Bundesliga season accompanied by numerous failures, Bayer and Schick had proven not known comeback qualities for years.

new qualities as a standing man

So the eleven of Gerardo Seoane, whose substitutions from Lucas Alario and Exequiel Palacios massively influenced the course of the game, had a massive impact on the game after a 1-2 half-time referee. And Schick, who had problems to make up the balls at the top before the break, followed his remarkable 1-1 equalizer in a strong second half of a further demanding hit and a soulful goal.

Völler also emphasized the qualities as a standing man: "What speaks for the coach and the team: You saw that after the big injury problems, after the cup and that in the Europa League again and again."

A crucial development that took place from Bern new coaches in summer. "We did not show these morals in the two years before. We didn't do it," said Völler, "the setbacks have had an effect. After such experiences, we were in a long valley."

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This step forward, the Völler, who is no longer working as a club ambassador from summer as a club ambassador, registers with pleasure with the position behind Bayern Munich and BVB as a third force in German football. "3rd place is also important. Three weeks ago, even the Champions League was in danger after our defeat against Leipzig. We got back great," says the 62-year-old.

Völler is not only pleased, but also the way that came about. "It was also wonderful goals like from the textbook," he not only enthuses about Bayer's offensive game at 1899, "we scored ten goals in the last three games. And I was not even aware that we set up a club record with 78 goals shot have - that only shows the wonderful football we played this season. "

Schick was always Völler's desired striker

Which Schick has a large share in just 26 missions with his 24 goals of the season and five goals in just 26 missions. Which fulfills Völler with great satisfaction. "I am particularly pleased with Patrik because I fought for him for a long time in previous years. He was always my desired striker."

Had invested a lot of persuasion in his obligation by the managing director. "I always had contact with the AS Rome, even before Patrik came to us via the detour Leipzig. Because I knew he was a wonderful center forward. He can stop."

As the rental base for RB Leipzig, which is active in the 2019/2020 season, showed again on Saturday. Völler made 1: 1 to rave 1: 1 after the flank of Moussa Diaby. "Everyone celebrated his second goal so much, but the first was much more difficult - by drop kick. He wanted it just as much. In training, he often makes such goals," said the former striker, "it looks so easy,, it looks so easy, Quite simply, it is not. "


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