According to the tornado: ghost video game on probation for Eintracht Frankfurt

After the storm in the Europa League semi-final versus West Ham United, Eintracht Frankfurt escaped again with a blue eye.


Since the penalty was subjected to probation for a duration of two years, the Bundesliga club can bring out his house premiere in the Champions League in front of fans. Eintracht must additionally pay a penalty of 80,000 euros.

After the 1-0 success against West Pork as well as the associated access right into the last of the Europa League, countless Eintracht fans were stormed on the yard in their bliss.

Frankfurt will certainly be there for the very first time in the premier class in the coming period. The team draw will certainly happen on August 25th.

Along with this transgression, the UEFA chamber penalized the several burning of pyrotechnics as well as tossing objects.

The control, ethics and also disciplinary chamber of the European Football Union had a customer exclusion for the next house video game of the Europa League winner in a worldwide competition.


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