Anime Season Autumn 2022: Everything you should know about the great premieres of October

ESTRENOS The Autumn Anime Season 2022 is about to begin and, as we tell you several weeks ago, it will mark a before and after in the anime industry. And it is not that we move by emotions, but by the number of works of enormous quality that will be released from October: Baku no Hero, Chainsaw Man, Bleach's return...

There are too many reasons to wait for great moments this season, and that is why from MGG we want among other things. That said, we present the season that will rumble all internet... although the rumble will be in winter.

Baku No Hero-Temporada 6

While the last Baku No Hero season was not the most exciting of all, it is because the new one will completely close the saga of the villains. The work of world superheroes known and so loved by the western public will continue with the same structure of these years: an annual season of 25 chapters that will form an entire arch (or more) about the history of DEU and company, although this time it will be quite a lot more special because the end of the story is approaching... or not?

Spy x family part 2

The comedy but exciting family adventure of the most powerful spies in all Japan Spy X Family returns in style. Recall that the Forger family is made up of Lord, a more class gunman than James Bond; For, an unscrupulous murderer who loves to take care of her daughter; And Anya, one of the girls we want most today and for which we would kill anyone to see her smile.

Pop Team Epic-Temporada 2

After their violent control of the 2018 winter anime season, Popup and Piping seem ready to cause problems for the second Pop Team Epic season. Based on the manga of BUB Okay, Pop Team Epic is directed and written by Jun Loki (Gal & Dino) in the Kamikaze Dog and Space Nero Company studies and is starring a myriad of voice actors constantly changing as their chaotic protagonists.

Golden Kamuy-Temporada 4

Year 37 of the Meiji era. After surviving the Russian-Japanese war, Sumoto, nicknamed the immortal, joins the gold fever to help the widow of one of him fallen from him during the conflict. In the search for him, someone reveals that there is a hidden treasure and that the different keys to find him take them tattooed on their backs dangerous convicted fugitives. On his way he will run into SIRPA, who not only saves his life, but will also help him survive in the hard wild tundra.

Mob psycho 100-temporada 3

The creator of One Punch Man rose a step at the narrative level with this work, creating an extremely powerful character as well as Santana, but with a touch of feeling that will make us cry like never before. It will be Shine's last stop in our lives, since it will close the plot that left open in the second season and will completely complete the last loose ends that remain in history throughout, possibly, 12 or 13 chapters in which Bones The soul will be left to shine for the last time with our favorite psychic.

Blue Lock

The anime that aims to be one of the great spoken (sports anime) in the coming years and that hooks everyone as happened with Anime no IPO or Slam Dunk in the 90s or haiku and Kursk no Basket throughout the last decade. After a disastrous defeat in the 2018 World Cup, Japan's team struggles to regroup. But what is missing? An absolute ace, which can guide them towards victory.

Bleach-Arco of the Bloody War of the Thousand Years

The new arch will include the truth about the Quincy, since they did not really die and ended up hiding in the Karate shadows area using their huge skills. Once they gathered enough power, the Wanderjahr called themselves and, after this, they conquered the world of the holes.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is, from afar, the anime that everyone has more desire to see this year 2022. The series starring Benji and Maxima presented very recently a new trailer in which we could see in all their splendor the Chainsaw Man Wichita inside and leaving a huge trace of blood wherever I go.

To your eternity-temporada 2

Yoshitoki Lima's fantasy series ('A Silent Voice') follows Sushi, who is originally an orb that is sent to Earth to collect information and experience what life is. During his trips, Sushi assumes different aspects while he knows humanity better and all the feelings that this entails


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