Is Mutzel coming to be significantly more pricey for the HSV now?

The attorneys from Mutual as well as HSV had negotiated in summer that the former expert received a severance repayment of 400,000 euros as well as, plus the regular monthly sharing superior by June 2023, Nevertheless, the control board had not authorized the comparison, Mutual was ended without notice about six weeks earlier, since after that it has actually no more received salary payments.

Promptly prior to the 2nd department, the HSV had released its sports supervisor Michael Mutual, however the labor court had offered the 43-year law that there were no sufficient reasons for the separation. After the legal representatives agreed on a resolution arrangement in very early August, the managerial board left the deal on Tuesday, Mutual's birthday, there was no contract at the quality date either.


We see no reason to discuss 100,000 euros

The ex-sports director was already considerably suiting to the second department club in August. Additionally, the court sends out clear signals from the beginning and still clear signals that Mutual has excellent cards at the same time. This means that the HSV currently endangers a higher amount than the bargained 400,000 euros.

If both events deal with each various other again in January, it is not just regarding discontinuation without notice, yet additionally a lawsuit for the extension of the work contract. And also: I have actually suffered substantial calls to reputation via the procedures.

The HSV had supplied 100,000 euros on Tuesday and also was certainly blinked. Mutual attorney Wolfgang Seen plainly: We see no reason to discuss 100,000 euros.


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