Objection of David Beckham after advertising area for Qatar: markets his soul for blood money

Because of the negligence of human rights, Qatar is really slammed. Homosexuality is forbidden there. The exploitation as well as the death of a number of thousand visitor workers likewise knocked on World Cup construction sites.

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David Beckham is slammed for a commercial in behalf of the World Cup host. In the spot, the English football symbol defines the Emirate, among various other things, as a extraordinary location as well as a perfection prior to he includes: I can't wait to bring my youngsters there.


The 47-year-old Beckham has actually been an ambassador for the Sportnation Qatar for numerous months, yet he presumably receives ₤ 10 million each year (approx. Qatar is very criticized due to the fact that of the disregard of human rights. The exploitation and the death of several thousand visitor employees additionally denounced on World Cup construction sites.

The objection was not long in coming. This is so horrible. He sells his spirit for blood cash, created the British lobbyist Peter Tatchell on Twitter, where Beckham was thought about with a shit storm. The 47-year-old Beckham has been an ambassador for the Sportnation Qatar for several months, but he purportedly gets ₤ 10 million every year (approx. 11.5 million euros).


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