Saudi goalkeeper over 0: 8-WM

The floodlight in the arena was as well bright. I additionally discussed with Oliver Khan about it, he claimed at the TV terminalSSC Sports _.

Mohamed Al-Fayed, ex-national goalkeeper in Saudi Arabia, led this to light flood lamps as a description for the clear 0: 8 defeat of his team versus Germany at the 2002 Globe Mug.

In the initial team video game in Sapporo, Germany led 4-0 at the break, at the end Miroslaw Close was one of the most effective scorer of the DFB group with 3 goals.

Al-Fayed: Close saw sphere from a different angle

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When asked by the job interviewer, why Close or Khan apparently had not a problem with the light, the caretaker had one more description: Close saw the round from a various angle, so he had the ability to use the flanks, said Al-Fayed.

And also Khan had nothing to do anyway, so he could not have had any issues with the light. Where was the cross that we struck Germany?

I'm generally truly solid on flanks, but I could not get out of my goal since I didn't see the ball as a result of the floodlight, stated Al-Fayed.


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