Ex-Schelsea-Boss Roman Abramovich resolves in Istanbul

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Abramovich himself did not discuss the newspaper. It is as a result unclear whether the russian lives on the Polaris nowadays.

According to the report, the Russian multi-illiarchy returns to a café near Rumble Hilary every morning as well as consumes alcohol a coffee there prior to strolling on the boardwalk. Every day the business owner ought to search for the way to the Been district and look at your houses there.

The Times of 20 staff members reported that a port worker not pointed out by name, who deal with Polaris on a daily basis. Food should be provided every week. Amongst other things, the employee mentioned 20 boxes of asparagus who get here weekly.

In the past couple of weeks it has actually come to be instead silent regarding ex-Schelsea proprietor Roman Abramovich. The businessman, who routinely participated in the fallen short tranquility negotiations in between Russia and also Ukraine at the start of the battle, was rarely spotted in public. In the meantime, the 56-year-old can be seen consistently in his new taken on house on the Bosporus.

Another interest of Abramovich remains and is football. Harriet writes that the former owner of FC Chelsea is still in call with some Turkish clubs in order to take over one of them. It is unclear which clubs are.

Abramovich's mega luxury yacht Polaris is still outside the port water Bod rums. And according to a record by the New York City Times, everything proceeds to run its typical walk.

The Turkish paper Harriet published photos on Tuesday that Roman Abramovich show when leaving a café in Istanbul. The sheet reported that the oligarch had chosen to resolve permanently in the Turkish metropolitan area. He currently lives as a visitor in the city, however he lives increasingly more like an actual Istanbuler, it is said.

Abramovich's mega yachts anchor in the Mediterranean.

Abramovich's second mega private yacht, the Eclipse, is also still in Turkey. It has been in front of the Mediterranean island of Gone for several weeks.


In the past couple of weeks it has actually ended up being rather silent regarding ex-Schelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The business person, that routinely took part in the fallen short peace settlements in between Russia and Ukraine at the start of the war, was rarely identified in public. The Turkish paper Harriet published images on Tuesday that Roman Abramovich reveal when leaving a coffee shop in Istanbul. One more passion of Abramovich is and also continues to be football.


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