Former FABLE developer generation replacement life Sim RPG Kynseed December 6 officialization decision -4 years after the start of early access

British indieveropper PixelCount Studios has announced that the simulation RPG Linseed will be officially formulated on December 6, 2022, and has released the announcement trailer.

Let's spin the history of the family in adventure, battle, and shop management

This game is a single play work that operates the character on the 2D open world.

The protagonist replaces generations and spins history

In this work, the characters of the player are died over the years, and generations change, and the NPC also remembers the behavior of the player, and has the features of the footprints of the hero's family. In terms of life, various elements such as adventure, collection, battle, fishing, blacksmithing, general store management, medicinal shop management, potions and dishes, etc. are available.

Works aimed at inheriting the unique style of Lion Head

The developer of this work is PixelCount Studios, which was established by a former Lion Head Studios developer who worked on Microsoft's RPG FABLE . Early access to the PC version was started in November 2018, and it has been announced that it will be officially formulated after four years. It is said that the developer aims to reflect the unique style of Pinhead led by British game designers Peter Molina in their games.

After the formalization, content will be added continuously

Although it is said that there is no major additional elements in the official release version 1.0, the addition of content such as stories and new game elements will be continued as a development after formalization. In addition, the language correspondence after the official release, the development of other models, and precautions are revealed as follows.

LINSEED, which is said to have more than 100,000 early access communities, will be distributed on Steam on December 6, 2022, overseas time. Prices have already been raised prior to formalization, and the early access version is currently on sale for 2,800 yen.


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